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[Arcade PC] DJMAX TECHNIKA 1 (Pentavision)


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This is the DJMAX Technika 1 arcade dump: https://cloud.mail.ru/public/8S8t/D21xaFKDy/BEMANI (Arcade Dumps)/Dj max/DJMAX Technika 1 International 4 AC Data/

You just need to download the files, unzip them and run Client.exe to run the game (touchscreen recommended).

I recommend downloading from the mirror link, since with the first one, the game doesn't work. (?)

This game doesn't work without a security dongle, at least as far as I know.

In the content unlocker folder, there are jut a few .dat files, and if someone knows how to use them, any help would be appreciated.




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This game uses same type dongle as DMT2, but DMT2 crack will not work. You will need dongle keys from DMT1 dongle, which are very difficult to come by.

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