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  1. @eljose Just send Reaver a pm, I'm sure he'll supply a free serial if you ask nicely!
  2. @jackotz91 No problem. I like to help where I can or share info I've learned.
  3. @jackotz91 I don't really know about whether 4.12 has extra costumes available. Tbh I've only played the game a few times and didn't pay attention to what was available to select. Away from pc atm so can't really provide you with any info.
  4. @jackotz91 Just re read your post and it seems like you're looking for a costume mod for 4.12. I remember reading a user had made a costume mod for 3.53, I think he based it on the data from the pc version of SFV. I've never tried this mod myself, so don't know about what is provides or unlocks? I haven't modded the version of 4.12 I've got, so everything is stock.
  5. @jackotz91 If you check the readme file txt located StreetFighterV_2024_01_14\WindowsNoEditor\StreetFighterV\Binaries\Win64, it gives instructions to NOTE: Rename the original UIO_AMIC.dll file to UIO_AMICO.dll before copying the emulator !!! Didn't get my copy from VM, but imagine it would include the same instructions...
  6. @jackotz91 It should be in the plugins folder that comes with StreetfighterV_2024_01_14.rar Have you checked your antivirus or windows defender hasn't quarantined the file?
  7. @nosoucy62 You have to open Reshade ini file and edit the preset path where Reshade ini is located in your game folder. Also change the intermediate cache path to match your user name
  8. @lezzi87 I initially had a few problems with fatal error screens. I changed a couple of things and managed to get it going. Might be worth trying 1) Putting the game on the root of a drive 2) Going into test menu and setting the game operating hours to OFF Note - If you get it up and running, you can use the mouse to move in the game menu and left click to select
  9. @bojo5150 Hi mate. The top jap text is where credits are inserted. Try inserting credits and pressing start. I set mine to Freeplay and I'm pretty sure you can also skip this screen if you left mouse click. The mouse can be used to move around on the menu screens and select.
  10. @kratos1883 I had the black screen when I first tried to launch the game. I thought at first it was to do with the direct 3D9 wrapper check box in Jconfig. I think my firewall was waiting for permission in the background and had a delayed reaction to letting the game run. It seemed to boot after messing with the direct 3D9 wrapper check box, but after a bit of experimenting, I realised this option didn't really seem to make a difference on my system. Might be worth updating your gpu drivers to see if that makes a difference or playing around with your existing settings in the control panel.
  11. @kratos1883 What i meant was, are you able to see any of the game as it tries to load? Does it look like it's launching normally but then crash at the character select screen or something? Do you only get a black screen when you try to launch it for example? Trying to establish if there's a driver conflict going on or something....
  12. @kratos1883 When you launch the game, how far does it go before it craps out?
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