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  1. Wait... does this ACTUALLY work or is it encrypted?? This is on my bucket list of games I've wanted to play!
  2. Keep getting a USBIO Device Checking until it goes to a USB I/O Error - ERROR B12A Not sure what I'm doing wrong, but I've been running HV Omni without any issues...
  3. I'm gonna miss HV... Your reign was way too short. Feel like I played HV for only a few hours total before 28 was dumped... Makes me kinda sad. I loved the colors and aesthetics. I will miss it like I miss Cannonballers.
  4. Working at 120hz and 2 screens (lightning mode) like HV did?
  5. Please share! :D I wanna try this on my cab!
  6. [Arcade PC] SDVX Vivid Wave

    Also don't put the cab on Free Play Mode, otherwise Premium options (Paseli stuff) will not appear. I figured it out now. Thanks!
  7. [Arcade PC] SDVX Vivid Wave

    Oh is premium time now working? I guess that's the only annoying this about this version right now. I think Asphyxia doesn't support it yet for EG?
  8. [Arcade PC] SDVX Vivid Wave

    Ya, my game is running but I have 2 weird issues I have never seen before: 1) Seems like my Spicecfg is not being used for button mapping. It's stuck on my previous settings, and any changes I make are not reflexting in-game... Gonna try a few things to fix this. Basically I can't scan my card in... lol But everything else is working fine. - Fixed. It was a card issue. For some reason the Spicecfg change to a bad card I had manually created a long time ago. And that made it so the card wouldn't scan in. 2) Game is choppy in 120hz. Seems like it's running slow when in a song. I turned off G-sync, set the monitor to 120hz, and set max frame rate to 120fps, oh and V-sync is also off... No dice. Not sure why it's doing this. - Fixed. Was caused by Nvidia drivers. Updated and clean installed, and it is basically fixed now. All fixed. Keeping it posted for other people like me who make mistakes in setups...
  9. [Arcade PC] SDVX Vivid Wave

    Ok so exceed gear is out now? Is the update to Vivid Wave Final playable in 120hz? Is it worth upgrading at this time?
  10. Go in your screen settings (I can do this directly from my screen physical buttons), and set it to 60 or 120hz if you can. Otherwise, try to set it in something like Display Fusion (I use this to manage my multi-monitor setups), it has the option to manage frequency by screen. Otherwise, revert to default your Nvidia 3D settings? Not sure how else you can do it otherwise. I've had similar issues, all of which were fixed using the methods listed here.
  11. You can see your network error behind the message. Basically you need to fix you config file to include the right server for Asphyxia (assuming you want to save scores) or launch using the -ea function to launch with server emulation to bypass this type of error (you can select this in spicecfg (assuming you are using spice tools) in the options tab. There will be a checkbox for -ea. That SHOULD fix the issue.
  12. When selecting songs, click on the yellow, then click on the grey, and select the middle option to sort by game version. All the new songs should be under Paradise Lost.
  13. Just change the grouping by release instead of genre. That should help see what the new songs are.
  14. [Arcade PC] Beatmania IIDX Rainbow Custom

    Link ded. Please re-upload :D