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  1. [WIP] Attempt to Enable Coin Dirty Drivin

    of course I explain how I am doing in this game, I will explain here, for example, he is still applying some configuration paths like the 4 coins for 1 credit so I have to solve this first we are learning together
  2. [WIP] Attempt to Enable Coin Dirty Drivin

    update as you can see in the video my compilation worked it means that the source code works. now the game enters coin mode but still ignores some settings in the RunTimeData folder so I still have work to do kkkk I have to find out the credit address now this is the openparrot compiled by me [Hidden Content]
  3. [WIP] Attempt to Enable Coin Dirty Drivin

    I just found out that what I did above is all right the fact that the game didn't open was a bug that I solved just by opening the GAME SETINGS and changing anything inside it and saving and the game opened more, it didn't do the I / O bypass so there is any of the paths I commented on does the I / O bypass
  4. [WIP] Attempt to Enable Coin Dirty Drivin

    sorry I didn't put the link, but you get it here [Hidden Content]
  5. [WIP] Attempt to Enable Coin Dirty Drivin

    Yes I am from Brazil I am from the city of Curitiba, State of Paraná let's exchange information I work with arcade machine maintenance and I'm learning programming
  6. [WIP] Attempt to Enable Coin Dirty Drivin

    so far I haven't been able to debug, but I'm trying
  7. Hello everyone I'm creating this topic to share what I discovered and try to solve the problem that I can't solve. Why do I want to compile Openparrot first? I wanted to put coin in DirtyDrivin, I analyzed the exe from the first dump and the exe from Jconfig and noticed that the one from jconfig ignores the modifications of the .ini configuration file in the RuntimeData folder so it has a path applied to it that bypasses the verification of the exe teknoparrot dump applies this path when loading the game. So here's a step by step of what I did I downloaded the openparrot source code unzipped and ran premake.bat for vs2019 (Visual Studio 2019) open openparrot.sln with Visual Studio 2019 I opened openparrot then src/Functions/Games/Other and now DirtyDrivin.cpp in the code I identified where the paths are applied in the configurations, ignoring the .ini file of the RuntimeData folder and these are I commented all of them now I have it compiled in release mode and Win32 after finishing compiling a folder called build is created I follow this path build \ bin \ release \ output and copy all the content and paste it into teknoparrot OpenParrotWin32 folder ok in theory it was just that i thought that when sending teknoparrot to run the game he would not do the verification paths and i could find out the memory address of the coin but i get it when i send it this error means that openparrot checks the CRC executable (Cyclic Redundancy Checksum) and that for some reason I don't know yet, it changed when compiling the new openparrot and that the new CRC generated is 5F4E17C3 I reopened OpenParrot.sln with Visual Studio 2019 I vaculated the code and found GameDetect.cpp I found where it links the CRC with the game id and replaced the old CRC with the new one I thought I had resolved more now by sending teknoparrot to run the game it doesn't show the error anymore it also doesn't open the game now that i don't know what i can do anymore if someone knows what i did wrong and can compile openparrot with the Dirty Drivin modification share it here I appreciate everyone's attention and I think that if we help each other and share our experiences we can evolve and make the dumps as perfect as possible
  8. hello guys i'm starting to make a star wars battle pods in a g-loc cabinet look at the forcefeedback test
  9. [Util] Insert Crédits

    this here my friend specially compiled for you, just change CoinPathBatman.exe for this one and put Coin.mp3 together that by pressing the 5 key it will play in mp3 [Hidden Content]
  10. [Util] Insert Crédits

    test this bat run.bat
  11. [Util] Insert Crédits

    this patch does not change the freeplay batman game you have to change the .ini file or enter the menu and change the path there simply put the 5 key to add value to the credit memory address. if i'm not mistaken the HOME key enters the menu and the PgUp and PgDn keys navigate through the options so you switch from freeplay to coin
  12. [Util] Insert Crédits

    for those who want to use with teknoparrot put in the same folder as teknoparrot CoinPathBatman.exe and run.bat then just run run.bat [Hidden Content]
  13. [Util] Insert Crédits

    to use with the teknoparrot set in TIMEOUT 25 this delay waits for the sdaemon.exe to run for me works
  14. [Util] Insert Crédits

    teste este acabei de compilar CoinPathBatman.exe
  15. there is no key I wrote a script to give value in the memory address of the coin the coin memory address is 0x01CAA344 I already moved to FLYBIT and he will add it to jconfg