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MAME 0.245 & clones

Guest Raph4

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On 1/5/2022 at 12:08 AM, joe555 said:


Never new this existed I know mame did some work on controller reassigning in mame 237 or 238 also Maverick did probably the best YouTube video on how to fix but this will work for all emulator 

I use devreorder for a lot of emulators. 

Here are a few issues i have ran into...


If using the "use system wide" option this will cause Forza 5 to crash. It also causes launch box to crash if importing mame roms. You must disable devreorder before importing mame roms, or launching Forza 5


To use devreorder with Jconfig, you need to copy over the direct8.dll file that jconfig creates with the deverorder direct8.dll. It seems to work ok with Jconfig. 


I'm not sure where to put the direct8.dll for use with TP. I'm assuming where the TP exe file is, but since TP doesnt list the name of the device i'm not sure if it is actually putting the joysticks in order. 

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  Here a nice new release:   

ArcCabView BGFX for MAME

And a custom MAMEUI build to work with! :)


ArcCabView BGFXChain For MAME
(MOD of CRTGeom-Deluxe BGFX Chain by cgwg)

- aperture mask code changed to match the grill and to look like our Reshade's Shader.
- support for 2x2 and 1x1 slot mask textures (auto switch)
- native frame display support (with and without curvature).
- screen reflection on frame added.
- frame size setting added (you can change the frame and resize)
- native overlay image support added
- curvature without CRT effect added
- better overscan support and offsets support added (so now you can resize and crop your games correctly :)
- many settings and details improved.

The pack contains:
- ArcCabView's BGFX Chain
- A custom MAMEUI build
- Some bezel examples
- Some chain settings examples
- Some pre-configured ini for a few games as examples

As this pack is already "set" please do a clean install!!!!
The folder "artwork\ArcCabView" is requiered to get ArcCabView's BGFX chains working.

The custom MAMEUI(64) 0.240  build included features:
- No-Nag when "skip info" is activated.
- CV1000 CPU 50% underclocked, blitter delay activated and set at 57%.
- Neogeo 304 pixels width games display fixed (but not when using softlist)
- Neogeo CPU oveclocked at 16MHz (should help some games to run better)
- samsh5pf, samsh5fe and xeno (Xeno-Crisis MVS/Genesis) support added
- ffightae (Final Fight 3 players hack version) added
- halway (Progear Hack) support added 
- PrimalRage2 patch applied (should be working)
- kovshp and kovshxas BGM fixed
- and a few other small changes...

Here what you need to set in mame's ini files (when not already done) :
artpath                   artwork

video                     bgfx

filter                    0
prescale                  1

bgfx_path                 bgfx
bgfx_backend              glsl
bgfx_screen_chains        ArcCabView

For me "bgfx_backend" set to "glsl" works really better than the others options. 
For information the d3d9 bgfx_backend is broken with this CRT shaders (don't use it).


Ready to use ArcCabView pack with the custom MAMEUI 0.240 included (do a clean install and use the full archive content) :



ArcCabView BGFX Shader only (to use with any recent MAME versions) :




Here how it looks :











Enjoy!! 😎

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If anyone needs the DoDonPachi SaiDaiOuJou (2012/ 4/20) (Cave 2012 rom, which is missing in the full set downloads, I have it, just message me if you need it and I will send it to you.

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11 hours ago, bojo5150 said:

Does anyone have a link to Time Traveler that works with the latest MAME release?

it's in this latest romset but to get the game to display you have to disable HLSL in the .ini file

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il y a 8 minutes, `kingston Ramsey a dit :

anyone know is soul calibur 3 arcade edition runs in mame?

As this is a PSX2 hardware game, I think we will have to wait approx 10 years more to get these games running correctly in MAME 😄


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11 hours ago, A FRIEND said:

Anyone knows if any progress made on mame support for

time crisis 2/3/4?

are those games will ever be saved and preserved?

thanks in advance for any info

Yes every new ver of mame I’m checking if the rest of time crisis series r supported I hope they’ll be saved a lot of people waiting to play the arcade versions with mame

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