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  1. If you use Jconfig you can access to test mode and change the difficulty
  2. Wait for Jconfig or play it on TP hahaha
  3. NesicaXLive2 dumps would be amazing
  4. This is my setup for hotd4. And in the control settings just assign: service, coin and start for p1 and p2. And remember do a long press on the start button
  5. I worked for me, I restarted the computer. And just assign coin and starts buttons if you are going to use the mouse. For some reason the start button needs a long push in order to work. The coin patch works fine too.
  6. The start button stoped working for me in TP 226 for some reason for HOTD4, any fix? Thanks!
  7. I did no try HOTD for a while, but I noticed that the mouse pointer has an offset compared to the aim, This problem had been solved on previous version of TP but it seems it has come back.
  8. Jconfig for UnderDefeatHD+ released: [Hidden Content]
  9. [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content]
  10. Released Jconfig for DOA5, Fighting Climax and GuityGear. Coin mode available for the 3 games
  11. Yeah.. Reaver should only focus on improvements over Lindebergh emulation to me. All Lindbergh games have some graphical glitches
  12. Your welcome. If you have any problem or something just send me a message.
  13. Why are you using TP for running Taito/Nesica games? Use Jconfig, is by far better, stable and does not required any workaround. Here is the link [Hidden Content]
  14. FYI: DOA5 patch 2 works perfect in TP 225 for non patreons. The @spindizzi coin enabler works perfect for the patch 2 too.
  15. It's pretty old. I recomend download the latest version Here is the link [Hidden Content] Delete the old version of jconfig.exe and paste the new one with idmacx.dll. In the setting enable nesys emulation