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  1. Teknoparrot only worth for Lindbergh emulation. For the rest of the systems, it sucks. Use JConfig instead.
  2. Sega Race TV arcade machine has 4:3 aspect ratio, a 1080 patch will make the game looks bad.
  3. No coin mode for Rambo :(, I hope @spindizzi makes a patch for it.
  4. [Util] Insert Crédits

    Yep. I hope he come back and modify the coin enabler.
  5. It worked for me but how to enable the fullscreen mode with gameloader?
  6. I think all the gun games have this problem with keyboard when using the mouse.
  7. Did anyone could find a solution for the not responding keyboard when using the mouse for hotd4 and Rambo in fullscreen? The workaround of using first windowed mode and then use fullscreen is a bit uncomfortable. Thanks!
  8. I am having the same problem with HOTD4 too. When I use mouse as gun the keyboard does not work in fullscreen mode. Any ideas? Thanks!
  9. You are a hero Sr. This workaround helped me with HOTD4. I was having the same problem.
  10. No problem. Here are the corrections. I mean the Lindbergh stuff is ok but I like to be more specific: Virtua fighter 5 ver. B export & C (Sega Lindbergh Yellow) House of the Dead 4 (Sega Lindbergh Yellow) Virtua Tennis 3 (Sega Lindbergh Yellow) Sega Race TV (Sega Lindbergh Yellow) Let's Go Jungle / Let's Go Jungle Special (Sega Lindbergh Yellow) Too Spicy (Sega Lindbergh Red) Ghost Squad Evolution (Sega Lindbergh Red) Rambo (Sega Lindbergh Red Ex) Groove Coaster 2 (Type X Zero) K.O. Drive (Sega RingWide) (Maybe I am wrong with this one) Batman (Raw Thrills)
  11. You are right. The game category in this thread has many errors. The yu gi oh game for example is not a game form RingEdge, is not even belog to any Sega arcade hardware. It's from Konami hardware.
  12. Yeah, sadly not all games have the coin option.
  13. You must select a game in TP ui then go to game settings and uncheck the freeplay option, then save,
  14. Thanks, coins work now.
  15. I mean the buttons work, loads the coin but the counter return to 0.