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  1. KOOL , someone can find hex for the " guidelines " ?
  2. it work for me , i'm in my job actually , just extract in d:\ dans double clic ddra20p.html open in chrome for example if you want to change directory just right clic edit with notepad++ and change "src=" directory
  3. DDRA20PPATCHER.zip ITS OFFLINE PATCHER i just copy all the code and make the change already import gamemdx.dll extract zip in d:\DDRA20PPATCHER
  4. have got these files ? in \contents\data\mdb_apx\movie\background ddra20plus_bg_sd.m2v ddra20plus_bg_hd.m2v
  5. thank youuuuuuuuuuu guidelines? that was be marvelous
  6. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAhhhhhnnnnnnnnnnnnnw ok i see , so someone can share good modules for a20p 2021080400 please? so i not alone to play ddr , i really need hex to guidelines and darkest background , no need to save score
  7. in a20PLUS 2021080400 use a card is useless you can't save score , only in A20 , that why i want to remove or aDd certain card option from hex
  8. [Hidden Content] FORCE BACKGROUND JUDGEMENT - no working , someone can fix this plz update fix : 0x31, 0xC0, 0x40 <- on darkest background doesnt work in 20210804 someone have the adress to REMOVE GUIDELINES in ddrA20P? in 20210804
  9. wowww, excellent job !
  10. How to use HXD to change hex for DDRA20P
  11. the real question is why we need to use a compressed video to use it , if the original file is like that is not for nothing , we need to search why the program load SD over HD
  12. that wont work on blue theme and i never test it on goldcab mode
  13. 1 question , does butterfly1.4.1 save "machine" score , or you need to use a card to save score?