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[SHMUP] Irena Genesis Metal Fury 2023 (SEGA Genesis / Mega Drive) Kickstarter Demo

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Full video of the exclusive Kickstarter demo reserved for campaign backers.

This new version has various improvements and tweaks:
- Ability to skip dialogues
- The special attack is more aggressive against the bosses
- New effect on scrolling in the first part of level 2
- Added a new background in the first part of level 2
- Improved performance
- Fixed a sound problem in the "Briefing" scene (Reported by FelineFrequencies)


Irena Genesis Metal Fury is a new shmup for the SEGA Mega Drive. The game is currently in development and this video does not reflect the final product.


More information on the official website of White Ninja Studio: https://www.whiteninjastudio.com/


[SHMUP] Irena Genesis Metal Fury (SEGA Genesis / Mega Drive) - Kickstarter Exclusive Demo


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