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ROG Ally VS Steam Deck | Loading Times & Peformance Comparison | Analista De Bits

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- This review was conducted with the pre-release firmware on ASUS ROG Ally. Its performance might change in the final version.
- ASUS will release 2 models of ROG Ally. The Z1 Extreme version will be released on June 13 for 799€. For more information, visit this link: https://es.rog.gg/ROGALLY_media
- All games reviewed in this video correspond to the Steam version.
- In terms of materials, ergonomics, display and sound ROG Ally is a substantial improvement over Steam Deck.
- ROG Ally uses a 1080p/120Hz IPS display with Freesync versus Steam Deck's 800p/60Hz LCD.
- Running Windows 11, ROG Ally gives us access to any client available on PC. From Steam, to Epic Games or Xbox Game Pass.
- Steam Deck takes advantage in some aspects better of your hardware thanks to its custom OS and Gaming mode.
- Valve also collaborates with some developers to optimize their games on Steam Deck and this makes the differences with ROG Ally not too far apart in some titles.
- However, ROG Ally hardware can outperform Steam Deck by up to 20/30fps running at its native resolutions as a general rule.
- Load times on ROG Ally are faster when turning it on, starting games or within the game itself.
- ASUS has started down a promising path into handheld PCs. If it continues to work to optimize the ROG Ally hardware, Valve would have its work cut out for it with the successor to Steam Deck.


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