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Street Fighter 15th Anniversary Developer Interviews DVD (2003)

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These are some interviews found on a two disc Street Fighter 15th anniversary limited edition DVD set released on 10/30/2003 (Street Fighter Saga 格闘武眞傳/Kakutou Bushiden - SLBM-00023, 24 by Famitsu/Enterbrain). It features: Noritaka "Poo" Funamizu (船水 紀孝) - Production and Design on SSF2 Takashi "Piston Takashi" Nishiyama (西山隆志) - Director on Street Fighter 1 Akira "Nin-Nin" Nishitani (西谷 亮) - Production and Design on SF2 and Executive Producer of SFEX And four others that I can't identify. If you can help, please contact me. I haven't seen this anywhere, and would love to see a translation, but it's pretty long at one and a half hours. I just figure I should put this up for historic preservation, and hope that someone can contribute (Gear Icon→Subtitles→Add Subtitles). You can turn on Auto-Translated subtitles in the settings of the video if you are willing to deal with that. Be warned, it's auto-translated from their Japanese speech-detection, so there are a couple layers of automation there, creating mostly nonsense like "Same Dalai Lama particular there and rankings about one kilometer."


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