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Metal Slug Series - 10 INCREDIBLE Secret Tricks & Tips

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by Banden https://www.youtube.com/@BandenTCY

This video is a compilation of 10 very useful secret tips and tricks that are not discovered by most players throughout the decade and can help you to get through Metal Slug without dying easily, whether you're new to the game or a returning player, I'm sure you'll learn new strategies! Or did you already know all of these? Let me know in the comments section below! 00:13

#10 - Toschka Dalanue's Blind Spots (Metal Slug 4) 02:38

#09 - Invaders are all blind, save your ammo (Metal Slug 6) 03:34

#08 - Not so mighty Doctor, Blind spots everywhere (Metal Slug 4) 05:07

#07 - Black Hound's AI.. lmfao.. (Metal Slug 5) 05:50

#06 - FREEZE THE MACHINE! (Metal Slug 2) 07:14

#05 - The mighty Slug Gigant (Metal Slug 7/XX) 09:46

#04 - The easiest way to beat these aliens (Metal Slug 3) 10:55

#03 - Tips to safely destroy Crablops (Metal Slug 7/XX) 12:06

#02 - Bridge Shortcut (Metal Slug 3) 13:30

#01 - Surviving Rootmars without dying at all (Metal Slug 3)


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