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Cobra The Arcade - Namco [Arcade Light Gun]

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Player : KAZ

Name: Cobra The Arcade
Manufacturer: Namco
Year: 2005

No Continue Clear, Score Attack 21,896,110 Points


Here is the high score attack video of rail shooter game, "Cobra The Arcade" which I posted before. I recorded the entire playthrough, and edited and made the video with no cut scenes (It's still 67 minutes +, though, very long run...)


I obtained 21.89 million score this time. This is more than 3 times as high as the score I got in previous game.

The main determinant of high score in this game is "No miss shot". If you keep defeating enemies without miss shot, you can expand score magnification which is located the upper left side of the screen., and you can get score which is equally to the score of the magnification. (Maximum is x16) However, once you make a miss shot, the gauge will reset immediately, and you have to start from x1 again.


Special Thanks : HZH, M.T, S.S

Player : KAZ


Cobra The Arcade (コブラ・ザ・アーケード Kobura・Za・Ākēdo?) is a rail shooter video game developed and published by Namco. It is based on Buichi Terasawa's manga Cobra and the TV series Space Cobra but with an original story.




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