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Virtua Fighter esport not working


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Hey guys,


I'm having trouble starting Virtua Fighter V esport, it gets to black screen with Japanese writing, it closes and shows no error, I have already reinstalled Teknoparrot several times, also the game and I can't get it to run.


It only happens with VF esport, the other games work without problem.


Does anyone have a solution for my problem?


Kind regards.

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@limwer Do you have a APM3 online id from teknoparrot website? If not I don't think these type of games will launch. Is the game a clean dump? By that meaning non of the files have been altered or messed with to work on other launchers. Any recent driver updates that might have messed with game, or has it never worked to begin with? Is TP all up to date? Just a few ideas to consider. 

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Le 04/05/2023 à 04:59, Rammbo a dit :

Edit the VF5Esports userprofile, Change teknoparrot to openparrot  "<EmulatorType>TeknoParrot</EmulatorType>"

same issue.....not working on TP

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