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Help in dumping Namco System 148 Animal Kaiser


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Hello everyone! I'm looking to see what I can do in terms of dumping this Namco System 148 Board! It holds the arcade game named Animal Kaiser and I'm looking to have it dumped. Here's an image of it to get started. It is noted that there is a USB port to the board that is only known to supply additional power to the LCD screens currently used on Animal Kaiser machines in the UK.


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8 hours ago, powergyser said:

He has the necessary equipment to get this done..

Even more important, afaik those people got the knowledge how to dump, without wrecking it !!

Dumping a game can be a PITA !!

All at your own risk !!


You got the security dongle also, to decrypt the data ?

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On 2/23/2023 at 4:29 AM, Biscuits said:

Alright, thanks for the tips! This game has no security dongle apparently and all that exists as boards are the System 148 PCB and the I/O Board. Other than that, there's the 12V power supply board but that's about it!


Were you ever able to dump the game?

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