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System 2X6 Arcade Tutorial

Guest petje

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Get the latest version specificaly build for arcade game support, afaik the normal version does not support System2X6 games, only PS2.
This one has a build date of November 19th 2022, it was originally uploaded by @hippopippo 👍



Install it with the standard directory settings.

C:/Program Files/Play


I run the play.exe directly as administrator, the emulator reacts differently when one starts it as a normal user.

Even if one makes a shortcut to the play.exe (running as administrator) it reacts differently than clicking the play.exe directly. 🤨


A lot is hardcoded in this emulator, so directory structures, folder names and files names must be exact !!


To remind you, this emulator won't support all the 246 or 256 games at the moment, nor some inputs !!! 


I made a bunch of .arcadedef files and found a bunch of .zip files needed for the .chd files.


Not 100% sure if all "work".


With these files the games try to boot, some have a black screen, EE goes 100% when that happens.

Some give a screen of loading text , but still hang, most of the Gundam series.

Some .zip files can not be opened by the emu, but can be extracted otherwise, no idea what that is about.


So for the moment we are still "stuck" with the same games, which are supported for the moment.
The developer(s) have to figure out a lot, that will take time, patience.

EE (Emotion Engine), GS (Graphics Synthesizer) Audio, JVS I/O, and a lot more.



THANKS a LOT genius(es), brilliant work !! 👍



The arcadedef folder must go into.

C:/Program Files/Play/


The .zip files must go into.

C:/Users/Your Username/Documents/Play Data Files/arcaderoms


Folders for the .chd files and such (diskimages) must also be placed into.

C:/Users/Your Username/Documents/Play Data Files/arcaderoms

The names of the folders must be the same as the .arcadedef / .zip files.


If the .arcadedef files is named, bldyr3b.arcadedef, the folder for the game bldyr3b.chd must be named C:/Users/Your Username/Documents/Play Data Files/arcaderoms/bldyr3b/




Fairly easy to use.

Place chdman.exe in the folder with the .chd you want to convert.

Open a DOS box or PowerShell box in that same folder, or navigate to it.


Type into a DOS box.

chdman help


Or in a PowerShell box.

.\chdman help


It will show the parameters that can be used.

chdman info is handy to figure out if a CHD image is a HDD or CD/DVD image.

Example with Bloody Roar 3 in PowerShell box, not sure if .\ is needed in DOS box.

.\chdman.exe info -i .\bldyr3b.chd


If it shows in the last line.

Track=1 Type:MODE2_RAW .......

I assume this is a CD/DVD image.


Another example, now a Harddisk image, also the last line.

CYLS: a number, HEADS: a number .......


How to figure out the "boot": parameter for usage in the arcadedef files ?


Open the accompanying  arcaderoms folder, open the needed .zip file with 7zip, it is a image of a MagicGate memorycard as far as I know.

In the .zip there are multiple files, click the file without the spr.ic002 in the file name, press F3 key this will open it in a texteditor, again press F3, now one can search in the file for.


Yes, in capital letters, and start searching from the top of the file, the first word containing LOAD after MAKER:NAMCO (examples SC3LOAD or CBRLOAD)

most of the time 3 capital letters in combination with LOAD, that is the boot file name needed in a arcadedef.


Otherwise look for the word LOAD

Yes in capital letters, and start searching from the top of the file, (the fourth hit should be the name of the boot file), again it is 3 capital letters in combination with LOAD, as exampled above.



    "id": "Name of exact folder",
    "name": "name of the game",
        "name": "the filename in the .zip file without the spr.ic002"
        "name": "name of the exact .chd used"
    "boot": "mc0:the XXXLOAD filename found in the .ic002 file in examples above",






    "id": "fghtjam-jam1vera",
    "name": "Capcom Fighting Jam",
        "name": "jam1vera.ic002"
        "name": "jam1-dvd0.chd"
    "boot": "mc0:FJMLOAD",



Most of the time the "hdd": and mc0: settings work fine.

"hdd": can be exchanged with "CDVD":

mc0: can be exchanged with ac0:

Should one have boot errors, try to change these.


Extracting CHD, thanks to @hippopippo again.

The internet is full of tutorials how to convert mame's chds, however in short I make my cdvd in this way:


.\chdman extracthd -i xyz.chd -o xyz.iso (original mame chds are *ALL* created as HD dumps)

.\chdman convertcd -i xyz.iso -o xyz.chd (this reconversion makes them usable as cdvd-rom)


It should be clear, xyz is the filename of the file you use as a input -i or output -o file.

-i is input file

-o is output file


Hopefully this makes it a bit clearer, and more people can get it it work.


DM me if I made mistakes or need to add something in this post.


BTW a nice read about the Ridge racer game history.










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