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[Request]Arcade Games Restore Media


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I´m sorry to bother you guys but i´m looking for restore media for Jurassic Park Arcade™ V1.34 or above (where they add 1080p monitor support) because original monitor died and we installed a 1080p one and my restore media is V1.25 and doesn´t support it, and the restore media for ICE Deal or no Deal Spanish version because the hard drive somehow got corrupted and stay forever at loading screen and because I bought it second hand and it came without manual nor restore media, that´s my luck, i have both arcade machines switched off and not working, can someone help me?


Thanks in advance

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Hello people! Does anyone have a HDD image of this machine? I need it because I bought it from China and it came from Unis Motion and there is no option to put it in motionless mode.
I can share the image I have if anyone wants. restore media for Jurassic Park Arcade™

Sorry HDD image##  my translator changed the word

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