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[Arcade PC] EZ2AC FINAL EX 2.02 (EZ2AC TEAM) + 2EZConfig v5

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crack by DJKero#7003
io emulation made by kasaski
1. Copy zip contents into the game directory. Windows defender may trigger a false positive on the (EZ2AC.exe, 2EZConfig.exe), so add it as an exception.
2. Launch the 2EZconfig.exe and select the game version, set bindings in the buttons and analog tabs.
3. If your game exe has a different name than the default, you can set an override name. Do not set this to the launcher exe, it wont work.
4. Press "Play EZ2" to launch the game.
For the IO emu and Binding to work, you will need to launch through the configurator each time, If you wish to skip the configuration window in the future and boot directly into the game:
5. Create a shortcut with the launch parameter "-skipConfig", this is useful if you own and cab and want to launch directly into the game when windows boots

Use the NVIDIA graphics card.
If you don't use NVIDIA graphics cards, you may not be able to play the game normally.
Remember to set your monitor to 60hz.

Bug Fix : 
Final EX (Mode, Song) Select Timer Freeze





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The controls on some parts of the game are not playable like the part when you collect the falling crystals and choosing tracks is hard because of the sensitivity.

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The game does work but as mentioned the controls are to sensitive on one moe were you collect the falling gems left and right is so quick you cant get it precise and choosing tracks is also difficult i could not get dgVoodoo to work either but it is a good start thanks.

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  • The title was changed to [Arcade PC] EZ2AC FINAL EX 2.02 (EZ2AC TEAM)
  • The title was changed to [Arcade PC] EZ2AC FINAL EX 2.02 (EZ2AC TEAM) + 2EZConfig v5

Does anyone have the problem that the game runs at half speed when you select dev (keybaord) bindings?


NVM It seemed to be a one time thing.


I can confirm it works great with the ez2con from 1st mall korea. 

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