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[Arcade PC] Pop'n music 26 解明リドルズ (Kaimei Riddles)

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On 3/18/2023 at 1:10 PM, bobster said:

why is that omnimix so small ?!?!


Because it's not the complete Omnimix, it's for those who have Kaimei Riddles Omnimix with all the files, it just gives support for Unilab Omnimix. It would be nice if they would provide the Omnimix files as well here for those who never had previous data for Pop'n before and only got Unilab and wants Omnimix for it, like me. Can someone upload the Omnimix files for Pop'n music so we can play Unilab Omnimix? We need more than the Omnimix update for Unilab, we need the Omnimix files as well. Not all of us have Kaimei Riddles Omnimix so this is useless to us. Please share if you have it.

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