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Any Konami M2 emulator working at full speed?


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Just tried Mame 0.226 to play Evil Night and Total Vice, and while it emulates them... the lag in both video and sound make them unplayable... was wondering if there are any other emulators that are better for Konami M2.

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5 minutes ago, JustinCredible81 said:

Pretty sure it's MAME or bust. 

Ah dam... I seen videos of people playing them on MAME with current lag problems from over 2 years ago.... guess Ill have to wait another 2 years then lol

Unless there is some obscure fix for it, all I been able to find is to use overclock slider, but that only adds like 1 frame more to speed lol 

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Guest F.U.W.W.

I know exactly how you feel. Evil Night is one of my most wanted games I have been wanting to play and finish for years now since I ran across it only one time ever in the arcades. I love games like this and its kind of annoying to have it but unable to play. Hopefully one day it will be fully playable.

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