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[TUTO] PCSX2 and LaunchBox - ini files and other tricks


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Ci40 G4M3-MANiACs™,


surfing the topics here on Emuline I noticed some users that launch games using LaunchBox have the habit to make a folder for each PS2 game with a different copy of PCSX2 in each folder so the settings don't conflict.

Well, there's no need to have one folder for each game to not overwrite the settings.

Thanks to LaunchBox, you can set a Command Line to call the needed settings for the game you want to play.


You have the PCSX2 folder and inside there is a sub-folder called "inis" where are stored the settings.



Make a new folder inside the PCSX2 directory and name it as you want ( mine is called PCSX2 configs ).



Inside this new folder you will create folders for each game you need ( you can name the folders as the game titles and inside each of these folders you will copy the .ini files according to the game ).



Then use LaunchBox for calling the settings you want for the game you are going to play.

In the Emulator tab for each game you will check the Command Line box and you will put this command : 

--cfgpath="Drive letter:\yourpath\PCSX2\PCSX2 configs\Time Crisis 3"


In this way PCSX2 will load the .ini files from the path you pointed in the Command Line box  :) 


I made a little video to show you other things as well. 



The parameters I put in the Command Line box are ( only the bold text ) :


--fullboot = this is for starting the emu with PS2 logo to load the language chosen in the emulator settings  ( Multi5 games )


--nogui = this is for loading PCSX2 without showing its GUI


--fullscreen = this is for loading PCSX2 in fullscreen


--cfgpath="Drive letter:\yourpath\PCSX2\PCSX2 configs\Game Folder Name" = this is the Command Line parameter for loading the configuration you want


Before the game start, I show you I added an AHK script in the Emulation Script Tab just for pressing F9 using the Right Stick Thumb of  my xbox gamepad. 

Why? Because the game I'm playing in the video has a bug using HW Render during "Car Select Menu". So, I press F9 via my gamepad to switch in Software Render then I select the car I want and press again F9 to switch back in HW Render ( it looks better  :) ).


Hope you can enjoy this little tutorial and I hope you will master LaunchBox as good as possible :Old: and  if this tutorial is helpful and you like it remember to hit the thanks button so I will do more B)





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