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[TUTO] Time Crisis 5 - Playing using a gamepad with JoyToKey and LaunchBox


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Ciao G4M3-MANiACs™,


I made a video tutorial for playing Time Crisis 5 using just a gamepad + JoyToKey + LaunchBox.

I hope you enjoy and sorry for my English, there are some typos in the tutorial, I apologize for that. :)



You can download JoyToKey from this link ( license included ) :




Password = nohero

P.S. YouTube blocked the songs I put in the video, copyleft, lol.


For any questions, just ask.


If this video is helpful and you like it remember to hit the thanks button so I will do more ( maybe this video can be helpful for others just for the ahk scripts and bat files I'm using, I hope so ). :) 





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