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[Arcade PC] ICE All Dumps Dropbox

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Here is all the ICE dropbox isos:



The majority of these games run on linux. Some games run on Windows(eg Monsterous), and they will run on any generic Windows or Linux PC you throw them at. A lot of games require a dongle(some do not).


Credit to mutleey from 1cc for supplying the link. Original post:



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@reinsrus yeah but those games run on their own hardware unlike the games I shared which are pc based... hopefully in the near future these get cracked(hoping for deal or no deal and tippin blocks especially) the only game that has no dongle or security and can be run normally on a windows pc is Monsterous. one game that is very hard to find that is on here is chuck e cheese(charlie e cheese in australia) sketch book which is linux based, I don't know how that would work, you'd maybe have to connect it to your webcam and use an actual printer for the picture printing function

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