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Free Custom Resolution, Resize, Rotate with GeomMOD (Testers Needed)


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Here is a special shader derivated from our work with Ducon2016 on CRTGeomMOD.

(in fact this is mostly a light version of this shader without the whole CRT part)


Reshade's Shader GeomMod v0.1

Download here : http://www.mediafire.com/file/rgmdaua7symihcg/GeomMOD_v0.1.rar/file


This shader should allow you to completely resize most games in the resolution and the ratio you want.
You can also zoom, crop and rotate the display and even add also background and bezel images.


How to use :
- Extract the full archive in your game directory (same directory as your main game exe)
- Rename ReShadeMod32.dll (for x86 exes) or ReShadeMod64.dll (for 64 bits games exes) according to your needs.
(most often the correct dll has to be renamed d3d9.dll, d3d11.dll or opengl32.dll,... )
For d3d8 games you can also use it with d3d8to9 dll available https://github.com/crosire/d3d8to9/releases and use our 32 bits dll (renamed d3d9.dll in this case) together.
- "Home" key ingame to get the ReShade's UI in order to activate the effect and to set parameters as you want.

The dlls are modified to be able to force most D3D games to be displayed in a custom resolution according to the setting defined in the ReShade.ini [CUSTOM] section :
- "ForcedResolution=1" will try to force the game to be be displayed in the defined "ForcedWidth" and "ForcedHeight" resolution.
- "FullResolution=1" will try to force the game to be displayed in your actual desktop resolution (current resolution of your screen).

Please don't enable both options in the same time.

If the resolution of the display doesn't match the screen resolution optained (small display) you can force the resize and stretch by defining your original game resolution using "inp_video_size" in the ReShade's UI (home key).


Optional art files supported (in textures folder, should be 16:9 ratio) :
- background.png
- bezel.png




This is a test version, I did only a very few tests on it until now but I think it should almost already work correctly.

Please make some tests and repport it here. According to your results I would try to make it better next days.

I hope it will help. It should be at least very usefull with many "ArcadePC" games.


Enjoy :very-good:

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if you remove FullResolution and don't use ForcedResolution instead the game will be just launched in its default resolution so 640x480 for this one.

but as said the Nesica versions of RaidenIII, RaidenIV and Homura will work without any issue.

Shikigami3, KofSS, GWG and others should work also (I think only Ikaruga and KofMIRA won't)


Also you don't need it at all with CRTGeomMOD shader because all the code inside this one is already in CRTGeomMOD so please don't use them together ;)




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Here is a special version with FXAA added for d3d9 x86 games (ReShadeMod32.dll renamed to d3d9.dll).

It works just like that without any setting with DOA5UA, FightingClimax, Under Defeat HD,... and many others and should launch them directly in your desktop resolution with additionnal FXAA effect activated.

So if you have a 4K display it will be 4K if you are in FullHD it will be FullHD...etc...



Some games will work and will be launched with the expected resolution but won't be stretched to the new display size.

CaladriusAC with a FullHD screen for example:



In this case just activate GeomMOD shader (home key) and set the resolution of the game in "Input Image Resolution X/Y (pixels)"

1280x720 here for this example :



This way the 1280x720 first pixels from the upper-left will be stretched to the actual resolution (1920x1080 here in this example)


Many other options are available to work also with centered games and to fully manage the ratio and the display size...


Please keep me informed if there are some issues :very-good:


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