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House of the dead 3 pc help


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I have been playing this for a while great game i have managed to get house of the dead 1+2 running at 4k this one you have to edit the exe with a hex editor i can build repair and fix my pc hex editing is beyond me would someome know whare i can download an already modded exe i am running windows 10 pro.

Ryzen 3600x nvidia gtx1070.

Full screen 60hz 16.9 3840 x 2160 res. I have googled everyware with no luck would apriciate any help thanks mark.

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Guest petje

You got the .exe you want to edit, the offset and what needs to be changed ?




Ctrl+G to search



Patch information to get past the nag screen BppGame-Win64-Shipping.exe, offset 0X84E650, 40 becomes C3.


So open BppGame-Win64-Shipping.exe, Ctrl+G enter 84E650 and change 40 to C3


It is fairly simple, when you got the offset and what to change.



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