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[Tuto] Virtua Fighter 5B, How to Install and full screen.

Guest linglang

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Guest linglang

Virtua Fighter V (B version) - (Lindbergh)


Works fine on Window$ 10 (1803 and 1809) and TeknoParrot with shader.farc applied.



For the people concerned ....


Virtua Fighter 5 Full screen !!!!



Most people do not read other threads on this site.


7zxkv (it is his prerogative) could have linked us to these files, for the time being, at the moment VF5 works only boxed in TeknoParrot


Please reply to the GameLoader All RH thread to confirm if the patches work at the correct resolutions !!!


Without further ado 


Version 6 works for me on 1360 x 768


Other resolutions included, yes also  3840 × 2160 (4K UHD) even 5K !!! 

What, even in 21:9 and 48:9 aspect ratio 7680 x 1440


It is easy, replace the vf5 file (backup / rename the original) in vf5/disk0 with the one needed for your resolution.

Add the latest GameLoader All RH exe (3) files to the folder disk0


Place the shader fix, shader.farc in: (save the original file if needed)

/Game Folder/disk0/rom



"working now! just moved the "rom"folder to "disk0" folder"

Thanks @chuckybell


Added link to NVIDIA shader fixes from discord.


Thanks to @jets


AMD Shader fix


Thanks to @Nezarn


This one works for me. (probably the same)


Thanks to @EmuAl


NVIDIA shader fix thanks to sqrt and @dex77





From the front page of GameLoader All RH

Want to run the game full screen ?

Use Gameloader ALL RH ( conjunction with TeknoParrot (

Place the three .exe files in the game folder /disk0


Use Gameloader ALL RH ( in conjunction with TeknoParrot (

Teknoparrot 201 does not load the game. (at least for me.)


Warning about "virus" ? (before version

Edit the file TTX.ini in C:\Users\"Your User Name"\ AppData\Roaming\Game Loader All RH\

And change

Warning = Agree


Seeing green version number of GameLoader All RH at bottom of screen ?

Edit the file setting.ini in C:\Users\"Your User Name"\AppData\Roaming\Game Loader All RH

and change:

[FileVersion] Show=0


Configurate Game Loader Config.exe so it knows the location of your TeknoParrot


The settings in the lower box are specific for the resolution I use. (1360x768)


Let TeknoParrot point to the modified vf5 file.


Configurated your controller settings et cetera ?


Save settings and close Teknoparrot.


Run Game Loader All RH.exe, add a shortcut if needed.


Wait a few moments, TADA Fullscreen !!!


Enjoy !


I hope that this tutorial helps other people out.

It takes you a few moments to read, but it took me all night to figure it out.

When you get the game working, thanks to this "manual", please give a thanks at this post.



And a BIG thanks for the people who originally uploaded the games, we all can enjoy (if you do it right) !!!

And of course all the people involved in, the game loaders and JVS I/O emulation applications we use, and all the people I "forgot".


Also look at the posts below, some members / people add helpful information, thank them also .....

Edited by linglang
added AMD shader fix, info about usable Windows versions, Added link to NVIDIA shader fixes from discord, corrections
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hace 4 minutos, NoKey dijo:

You will replace it with the file in the data folder. Carefully review game folders. Easy to find.

I dont play these game.


Actually I did it but not working.... game went down just after start.....





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Thank you work good in full screen mode with game loader 

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  • 3 weeks later...
On 6.05.2019 at 10:00 PM, Ultor said:

The game is too fast! How can I go fullscreen? 

I got this same problem no full screen and very fast game like my monitor 120 fps how to fix this ?? :\

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On 23.05.2019 at 12:25 AM, Ultor said:

You must use Game Loader Config

Thanks but I do not trust this loader, the program, unless you know some trusted page with this loader without any surprises inside and working in Parrot ;)

Edited by kris85
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Hello guys,


is there a way to play this game with random opponents?


I'm getting always the same sequence of opponents, no matter what character I choose and it's not very stimolating in this way


Do you guys know if there's a setting for this? 




Solved, was a matter of FreePlay!  :D

Edited by nohero
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  • 11 months later...

Guys, please share AMD Shader fix, for B version...
I can't find anywhere for a couple of days ((
From version C does not fit - a buggy shade and texture.

I really want to run version B. Version C works fine, except for the image bug in the last battle.

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Oh, thank you very much)

I'll check it later, but by the file names, there is also for AMD.

Il y a 1 heure, Onkel a dit :

Are shader fixes not implemented by TP in the game menu ?

Nop. I have the latest updated version, and there is no such in the menu.


UPD: I checked - with the "Correct VF5B AMD shader" fix, the game starts and works great. Except that after the last fight and the end credits, she crashes to the desktop))
But this is better than the graphics glitches in the last fight, in version C.

Thanks again) Really, AMD shaderfixes for this game of version B, can no longer be found on the net.

Edited by svk
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Le 30.04.2020 à 03:37, nohero a dit :

I'm getting always the same sequence of opponents, no matter what character I choose


Le 30.04.2020 à 03:37, nohero a dit :

Solved, was a matter of FreePlay! 

I have the same problem. I tried to turn FreePlay on and off - everything is the same.

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2 hours ago, rad_killer said:

Can someone upload again AMD shader fix for VF5 b?

The file from Onkel is not available anymore :(

Isn't it integrated in TP nowadays ?

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53 minutes ago, rad_killer said:

The fight round doesn't start if I leave an original shader.farc file (~3,3 MB).

With vf5c shader applied, the game runs, but with graphical issues (light/shadows problems, no fences/barriers, etc.). 

Here all shader fixes I have


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