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[Tuto] Wangan Midnight Maximum Tune 5, Including Versus play (LAN) setup, Extra car livery.

Guest linglang

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For some reason the game is now giving me a black screen when I start the race and a window pops up saying "wmn5r.exe disc not found there is no disc in drive\harddisk6" or w/e and it doesn't start, only the music plays.. It didn't do that before... :(

Why? What's the problem now?


Edit: To be more exact it says: "wmn5r.exe no disc - There is no disc in the drive - Insert disc in drive\Device\Harddisk6\DR6"

If I click dismiss or w/e it's called the game sometimes start, but in a window...

Any idea, anyone?

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Neon for WMMT5/DX+ can be added at offset 7C, use HXD editor, anyway I can't get Spot Neon for Red & Yellow











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Anyone happen to know how to fix this error?




This is WMMT5DX.  I just found out the files at Virusman is all messed up i keep trying to download the 5dx+ but they keep saying they are 5DX... Either way i have tried on both versions and both versions being with and without terminal and they both say E2212 Error


Ok i fixed it

The problem was getting stuck here



So I went into the 2nd option in test menu and I changed this to off (on the first screen they say this has to do with force feedback)




This caused a new error an E0712



Which I solved by turning off the first IC option in 2nd test menu option


 I then got a third error an E2301


Which you can guess by switching off the third option corrected all of my issues.






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I have WMMT 5 working perfectly and running in 4 player network mode in 4k but does anyone know how to fix the issue when playing with other racers in network mode the yellow icon (arrow) on the top of the other players cars (in a 4 race mode the other 3 racers not the traffic) the yellow arrow icon does not stay close to the top of each car like in all of the videos I have seen, mine drift around the screen no where near the car? anyone seen this or know how to fix?

Thanks in advance 

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6 hours ago, Safire25 said:

know how to fix?

No idea how to fix that, I would like to know also.

People set the game graphics to another resolution than the game originally ran at (1366x768, 1920x1080), but the overlay does not change with it.

No public solutions afaik.


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Posted (edited)

I'm trying to open this game "Wangan Midnight Maximum Tune 5" on teknoparrot, and it stays connected to the terminal and it doesn't go beyond this screen, the funniest thing is that I was with windows 10 and it worked normally, now in windows 11 this happens, already follow the step by step, but it does not go in any way, does anyone know how to fix it?



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