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Sonic & Sega All Stars Racing Crash


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Like the title says, I have a problem with Sonic & All Stars Racing, the game crash at startup, it crash with teknoparrot (any version), Game Loader RH and ave when opening directly the game.exe.

Windows report an "APPCRASH" error

My gpu is intel HD.


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1 hour ago, spindizzi said:


Don't search anymore : intel HD

I have had this trouble too with intel hd4xxx, I changed for nvidia card, and all is ok now




Mine is Intel HD 630, does it change something? :D

Thanks for the confirmation, at least I can stop searching.

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Doesn't this belong in the teknoparrot thread? Why do you always start new threads for common problems? Being that sonic works great with multiple machines for me (all which have cards in them). I would assume your integrated graphics is the issue. There are a good number of games that don't work with integrated graphics from what people have reported.

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