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  1. I remember there's a MEGA folder link that has DDR Extreme (with PRO variants) as well as IIRC DDR 5th Mix and DDR Solo discs for System 573. Now I couldn't find the link anymore. Did anyone know the link? I want to create a mirror for it.
  2. Re-Rave Arcade?

    I'm seeding it. Don't expect miracles with speed though since my internet's not the best.
  3. Re-Rave Arcade?

    Will this work with Intel HD 3000? This chip only supports up to DirectX 10.1 and OpenGL 3.1 under Windows (OpenGL 3.3 under Linux), so if this game use either DirectX 11 or OpenGL above 3.1 it wouldn't run, unless I use the really slow Software Rendering. EDIT : So I tried it and it works. But, the touchscreen is not working properly. Launching the game vanilla without the touch tools works, but the touchscreen is improper and multitouch is not supported. Using the touch tools outright crashes the game once I touched the screen at any time while the game's running.
  4. RhythmVaders games?

    It's from the arcade near me actually. Arcades still exist and quite healthy around here. Heck, I even got my own nesica/banapass/am.pass card with me right now. Also sad MaiMai machine with cardboard instead of display on the right.
  5. RhythmVaders games?

    Wondering if there are any version of RhythmVaders (not Groove Coaster) that have been publicly released (i.e. outside private trackers and the like). Would be cool if there are any.
  6. I know this might be awkward and might not even work, but try setting it full screen, then use DxWnd to make it scalable windowed. Or try dgVoodoo.
  7. It's there, in around page 2-4. A little bit of search should help. Remember to download and install Node.js, ensure that "Automatically install the necessary tools" is checked (check the picture below) Additionally, you can go here - [Hidden Content] Download ChuniCrystal.7z or ChuniParadise.7z for Crystal or Paradise respectively Download Node.js like the above step Extract the downloaded ChuniCrystal.7z or ChuniParadise.7z to root C drive, then run start.bat on minime folder, and run the one on SDBT.../bin folder
  8. Duckstation PS1 games in 4K!

    XEBRA is great for those edge cases and really accurate emulation. Otherwise DuckStation is great if you want to play most games and make those games look really good. BTW here's my Gran Turismo 1 pictures I took with Beetle PSX HW with PGXP (But you can achieve the same using DuckStation) [Hidden Content]
  9. Fixed. You can check the folder again
  10. [Hidden Content] It's in Tools folder
  11. The House of the Dead Remake

    I played both the original and the remake on PC, and the remake looks cheap and weird to me. Doesn't help the saturation and bloom is overblown compared to original. Maybe I'm just partial to the original, I dunno?
  12. The House of the Dead Remake

    This. Last time we got a remake it's Panzer Dragoon and it's not good to put it lightly. Even worse, this remake is made by the same studio as the ones remaking Panzer Dragoon.
  13. Chipset & Motherboard Combination

    What's your budget? For now though, I recommend any of the higher end AMD Ryzen APUs - [Hidden Content] The website only lists the newer ones, but it seems that the R5 3400G is decent enough for most games RPCS3 plays properly - [Hidden Content]
  14. I should actually. BTW, can I host my own server with this? Maybe at one point I would love to set up my own personal server with several PCs and Laptops for LAN play. I know you can link the real cabs (I saw up to 4 cabs linked in real life myself), but I would love a centralized server with profiles support.