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  1. Wondering where would I find this update only patch file. I ended up downloading the entire files (120+GB between 2 patches...Thank God I have unlimited plan), but I would like to get the patch only file as well.
  2. HDMI Monitor? Then in ASIO4ALL, instead of your soundcard, choose your monitor. It would help if you can screenshot your ASIO4ALL offline settings panel
  3. Check here. If you have '16 Bit, 44100Hz' or '2 channel, 16 Bit, 44100Hz', select it, then click OK. If you don't have the option and have installed ASIO4ALL, check the offline settings Ensure that your default audio device is the one selected. Then, open spicecfg.exe, go to the 'options' tab Scroll down until you see the option 'Audio Backend'. If you have '16 Bit, 44100Hz' or '2 channel, 16 Bit, 44100Hz' as an option in sound control panel, choose 'waveout'. If you don't have that option, choose 'asio'.
  4. You're using ASIO4ALL? Check if your soundcard is selected in the ASIO4ALL off-line settings and not some other device
  5. Try this : Go to Control Panel -> Sound -> Playback tab -> right click on default device -> Properties -> Advanced tab -> change Default Format to 16 Bit, 44100Hz (or 2 channel, 16 Bit, 44100Hz. It's the same). If the option's not there (like my laptop), install ASIO4ALL (install the latest non-beta version. As per right now, version 2.14). Ensure you install the off-line settings as well. Then, open said settings from start menu. See if your device has been selected there. Once done, go to SpiceTools Config -> Options tab -> Audio Backend -> select 'ASIO'. Relaunch the game, it should work.
  6. [Arcade PC] SDVX Vivid Wave

    Guess what? I was correct after all An 11 year old Thinkpad X220T could run it Proof : [Hidden Content] So no, you don't need high end GPU to run after all...
  7. [Arcade PC] SDVX Vivid Wave

    Will dgVoodoo work as well? Would rather use this since resolution can be increased/decreased with dgVoodoo as well
  8. [Arcade PC] SDVX Vivid Wave

    DDR A20 works on Intel HD 3000, as is Bistrover (more specifically, i7 2640M, HD3000 which doesn't even support DirectX11) So no reason why SDVX wouldn't work as well I assume.
  9. Can you explain further? Log would be helpful.
  10. [Emu] Sega Model 3: Supermodel r862

    Since you're using Reshade, do you know if any of the depth buffer effects work or not? (like MXAO, SMAA with Depth Edge, Depth Blur effects, RTGI, etc.) Last time I tried any depth buffer effects in SCUD/Daytona 2, it only applies to attract mode, and doesn't work in gameplay
  11. [Emu] Sega Model 3: Supermodel r862

    The links on the forums are dead as well unfortunately. People have asked the uploader to reupload, but the thread saw no activity after 2020 (unless you count the aforementioned requests).
  12. Maybe it's the refresh rate? If the game runs at 60Hz but the framerate runs higher AFAIK it can desync (kinda like the MAME IIDX games which does have this issue IIRC).
  13. I actually already tried that No dice. I even tried to replace all of the occurence of the line (32 C0 C3 CC CC CC CC CC CC CC CC CC CC CC CC CC) with (B0 01 C3 CC CC CC CC CC CC CC CC CC CC CC CC CC) and it still doesn't work.
  14. Would love to find one for 07-12 debug, but not sure where to start. Any pointers?