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Modified EXE files for GRID and WMMT5

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Hello G4M3-MANiACs™,



I modified the .exe file for GRID and WMMT5 because the originals create a Sega folder in C drive ( GRID ) and billing.dll ( WMMT5 ) in F and G drive.

Since I don't like games acting like that, I decided to take a look at the problem and I found was the .exe.

I chose the H letter for drive because I have no H drive here on my system , hope none of you have a H drive active on your system, if so tell me that and I will edit the exe for you needs. 




Download the archive from this link :



Password = nohero


Unzip and put the two files in their directories ( do a backup if you need it )

Start the game with TP and there will be no folder in C drive anymore for GRID and no billing.dll anymore in other drives for WMMT5.


Hope you enjoy this little FiX  




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@nohero Thank you very much for these, they both work perfect for people that have checking for terminal (the yellow box) use Tecknoparrot version 1.92 as it boots the game a lot faster.

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