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Battle Squadron 2013 PC Enhanced Version

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The PC version is almost impossible to find, and it is actually worth having thanks to improvements like background scrolling running at 60fps, enhanced shadows and others.


It is possible to patch the demo and turn it into the full game. You can find the demo here: http://amiga.amedia-computer.com/document/battlesquadron/Install_BattleSquadron_Demo_Windows.zip


Here is how to patch BattleSquadron_Demo.exe:


Offset: 00009076
Original: FF
Patch: 00


Offset: 000207F2
Original: A5 43
Patch: 00 50


Offset: 00030FFC
Original: C6 80 84 00 00 00 01
Patch: EB 12 90 90 90 90 90


Offset: 000361ED
Original: 0F 85 CF
Patch: E9 D0 00


Offset: 000361F2
Original: 00
Patch: 90


You can remove some of the demo images by just deleting from the res folder: demo_ingame.png, demo_menu.png, demo_panel.png

You can remove the facebook and twitter logos by deleting from the res folder: facebook_icon.png, twitter_icon.png

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Merci beaucoup Ducon, que de souvenirs sur ce jeu avec mon Amiga 500 à l'époque...et surtout le "WELCOME TO BATTLE SQUADRON" digitalisé de l'intro !!

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