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On 3/11/2019 at 8:41 PM, bojo5150 said:

@Ducon2016 @Mohkerz


Guys, I have a question that's a little off topic but could really use some help. I use Mohkerz loaders for SR3, Mario Kart, FnF Drift, and Ford Racing and all work great! I use Launchbox as my frontend and all of these games launch and play just fine.


I've been moving over to Big Box which essentially is an fancier front end to Launchbox (part of Launchbox suite though) and I can only play FnF Drift (Which I downloaded Mohkerz build that used some sort of AHK to load). The others launch and then die. (I know they launch because I hear a beep when 360 loads for directinput keyboard) So I assume it doesn't like the gameloader and wants to see the game.exe running in the background. Any idea how I can solve for this? Mohkerz, what is your AHK script that you built to launch FNF? Would it be universal for the other games?


I'm pretty stumped at this point so I greatly appreciate any help you can provide!


The loader needs to be launched as admin. Make sure you right click mohkerzloaderz.exe and in compatibility settings tick "run this program as administrator"

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57 minutes ago, Mohkerz said:

Give us a dump man!

Someone on TP thread said its dumped ages ago and on ipfs, not sure if they confuse with Mach Storm.

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