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[DUMPS] Dumps disponibles en miroir / Mirror: Many dumps availables!


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This looks awesome, but they have a bunch of dumps listed that it seems they don't actually have. Got really excited for a second.

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I'd absolutely like to add my thanks to those that have been expressed already for this extraordinary treasure chest find straight from a Russian server which is filled with the majority of our beloved and well-known Arcade Dumps whose exclusiveness and brilliance are highly appreciated here and elsewhere. Due to its existence I am able now to make my long awaited way into, along and through the Haunted Museum, packed with infinite ammo for warding off an armada of ancient haunting creatures risen from the ashes of long forgotten times, which then again provides for a hell of a ride in best traditional crosshair shooting action nature. Talking about the crosshair, by the way, I'm pleasantly surprised how well the visual absence of it actually works in that dump by not taking away much of the overall fun.


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I'm from the Russian community of fans of arcade games. We collect all dumps so they are not lost, and everyone could download them.
We are glad that everyone liked our work. 
Many games are not yet available, but be sure, when new dumps appear publicly, you can always download from us))


We have 2 more clouds. Collection of media, games and more for Hyperspin and not only....  


-   https://cloud.mail.ru/public/Hc5e/1pJoZtkuZ


-  https://cloud.mail.ru/public/AWyZ/kKo7H2RCZ






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It is to be highly welcomed, hitachish4, that you and your friends (together with all the other providers and tech-tipsters to be found here at this cozy place as well) are so passionate about ensuring access to a gaming world that is charged with more adrenaline (Arcade in general), often gasoline (Arcade Racers), and sometimes even kerosene (Arcade Flight Sims) than your usual original PC or console based experience is able to recreate. Thank you all so very much - and "bal’shoe spaseeba"!


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