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  1. you should tell reaver that if you give him the dumped dongle that he has to make it non patreon. also i feel like coffeman would be the one doing his thing since he's the raw thrills dude anyways.
  2. Works fine on my 650ti boost
  3. true, not to mention it's alreay playable on Jconfig so far.
  4. Don't forget that IPFS goes offline all the time, so that may be why it's not finishing.
  5. Use Jdownloader or Internet Download manager
  6. Hope the dumpsnkeep flowing
  7. seems like it's an AMD gpu issue?
  8. not sure how to help, I'm currently not using Jconfig.
  9. TekkenGame-Win64-Shipping.exe is the exe you should be using. you can find it in this file path Tekken7\TekkenGame\Binaries\Win64.
  10. If your using tp use version 140
  11. Let's Go Jungle Special [Hidden Content] Credit to Arcade Punks
  12. Any ideas on how to play this lan with just teknoparrot? i've already got the ip's for the dhcp all setup and dns /gateway is all correct, do i need to change anything in the actual config file for this game?
  13. any chance you could share your dump? I somehow got it working on my 3rd pc, but not my other 2 pc's *Shrugs*