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  1. As said before, you have the same amount of Ram as me, and a much better GPU, I think the problem has to do with GPU.
  2. I kept Windows 10 as my main system and installed Windows 7 in dual boot just to test the game, on another partition. I have no problems with most games using Windows 10, but Star Wars and Xnocross gave me problems on JConfig. I will try next Windows 8.1 64 bits in dual boot again. Regarding the Star Wars issue, I think it has to do with my GPU, it seems the game needs Nvidia GTX to work, didn´t test Xnocross.
  3. I installed Windows 7 64 bits yesterday and Star Wars still have issues on JConfig on my end. The game quits after playing one mission, no matter if I check High Resolution or not. I can finish the mission, but then the loader stops, and I have to start again the game. I wonder if this is a Ram issue or the game doesn´t like my NVidia GPU model ?? I see your GPU is GTX N750, better than mine. How much Ram do you have ?
  4. I play in 1280 x 720, as I have high resolution ticked on JConfig. I have some delay in Windows after leaving the game too, but it quits faster than Teknoparrot.
  5. Thanks for the advice !, I wil try
  6. Hello - Does anyone know how to brake in Star Wars Battle Pod on TeknoParrot ? There is no button assignment for it in the game Controller Setup, other than Throttle. I assigned the right stick of my gamepad to "Throttle". In ENDOR mission I am asked to break in order to get rid of an enemy who climbed my vehicle, and I can only move the stick downwards to try to brake, but the game always says "MISSED". so it seems it doesn´t brake. Can moving the right stick downwards do the job ?
  7. I tested Star Wars BP on Windows 10 and latest JConfig. Sound works fine, Test mode saves fine, but I have the problem that the game quits after one or two missions. I have ticked on Windows 8 compatibility mode as adviced. Could this be due to lack of Ram ? Did anyone have a similar issue ?
  8. Today I tried SNOCROSS again in C: rawart, and found that I was wrong yesterday. The game has random crashes even placed in C:rawart, at least for me, in Windows 10. I give up trying, there may be many possible causes for it, and I don´t have much time to test, maybe the game needs Windows 7 so as not to crash ?
  9. You can install Windows 7 in dual boot with Windows 10 on another partition, or run Windows 7 on a virtual machine - The drawback is that it will take some extra space of your hard disk. If you have VMWare and install Windows 7 x64, maybe it works fine, I didn´t try yet
  10. I don´t know if the version of Windows 10 has something to do with the issue, I have an old version of Windows 10. version 1709. I have heard it works better on Windows 7 or 8 and on early versions of Windows 10, but not sure, maybe the GPU model has to do too with the problem, who knows ?
  11. Are you on Windows 7 or Windows 10 ? It´s weird, are you using only JConfig or RH Loader along with it ?
  12. Yes, it worked for me too if I put on c:rawart, it doesn´t crash. My only problem is that some tracks cannot be chosen. My joystick moves to the next. I cannot choose Alaska and France for example.
  13. Put the game in a folder called "rawart" and then in C:\. So the path should be C:\rawart - That worked for me to prevent the game from crashing. I could play many races without crash, on Windows 10. The game seems to not like long paths. I tried in D: and it crashed, so the best is C:
  14. How do you set up RH Loader so that it doesn´t ask for TeknoParrot folder location ?. I have RH Loader configurated for TeknoParrot in the games KO Drive and Transformers, and points to TeknoParrot folder. How can I use an exclusive RH Loader setup for SNOCROSS, without being interfered by the others pointing to TeknoParrot ?
  15. Could you choose all the tracks in SnoCross ? Because I cannot choose some of the tracks, as my joystick slides to the next I want to choose, this is the selector doesn´t go up in 3 or 4 tracks, specially medium difficult ones, ex. France. I put "rawart" in C:\ and that prevents the game from crashing, but I still have the problem mentioned of not being able to choose all the tracks. How to fix this ? My joystick is new and is well calibrated.