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  1. Thanks again for your interest. Prices in my country are steep for consoles, not so much for PCs and related hardware, if you compare with USA. Argentina and Brazil, for example, have high taxes for imported hardware, so it is far more expensive than in Uruguay. Regarding Q8300 CPU, it is about 40% faster than my CPU, according to the web page [Hidden Content], but it would be not enough for RPCS3. And if I have to spend money I prefer a CPU that can run Ridge Racer 7 at least at 30 fps. I think with background music off, it is quite playable. I will have to decide between risking to buy a 2nd hand PS3 console and a PC HD monitor or HD TV, or just buy a high end PC. As Ryzen CPUs are going lower in price, and that also lower Intel CPUs prices, I will have to be careful about what PC to buy, in order to get the best value for money. For the moment, if I could afford it, I would prefer a Ryzen 7 2700 or an Intel Core i7 8700, they are both around the same price ( including a GTX 1050 GPU ).
  2. Just to show examples about how powerful the PC should be to run Ridge Racer 7 with RPCS3. This video shows the game emulated on an Intel Core i5 3570k with GTX 1050 Ti. As you can see, it runs ingame at average 30 fps with stuttering sound. And with Ryzen 7 2700 and RTX 2060 GPU, seems better, but doesn´t show the fps in the video:
  3. My motherboard only supports the following CPUs: Intel Core 2 Extreme - Core 2 Quad - Core 2 Duo - Pentium Dual Core - Celeron Dual Core - Celeron, Penryn Quad Core Yorkfield - Dual Core Wolfdale - These CPUs have a poor perfomance not enough for RPCS3. So if I have to change the motherboard, it´s better to buy a new PC, I don´t have skills to build one myself.
  4. Thanks for your reply, but unfortunately this PC you mention costs around US$ 1500 where I live, there are better options for around US$ 1000, like Ryzen 5 2600, Core i5 8400, even Core i7 8700 ( core i7 8700 with GTX 1050 and 8 GB ram costs US$ 1100.) These are generic PCS that are built upon request.
  5. Hi, thanks for reply ! Unfortunately in my country you cannot buy a PS3 for less than US$ 200. This is for a PS3 SLIM and used in good condition if your lucky. There are many online sellers who sell refurbished PS3 consoles in the range of US$ 250-300, but the consoles come without the original box, just wrapped and with used gamepads. They say they have a limit guarantee but if you find they are not in working condition, sometimes they don´t assume responsability. Some people ( not all of them ) leave negative feedback comments saying that the product came faulty or have small issues, or used and faulty gamepads. So they are not very trustworthy. I can instead buy an used one that I can try before I buy, but there is no guarantee it will continue working for a long time, and the used ones are sold for not less than US$ 200. This is in my country. I live in Uruguay, South America. About the used HD TV, they cost minimum US$ 200 and you don´t know how long will it last after you buy it, even if you buy it in good working condition. Someone said in a forum where I asked, that a HD PC monitor with HDMI was better for playing PS3 with good HD graphics than a HD TV, but on the other hand, I have read that sometimes the PC monitor shows only a black screen and cannot receive the video signal from the console. I trust more in a PC than an HD LCD TV set.
  6. Hello guys. Does anyone own a real PS3 console ? I am doubtful about what to do. I only want to play a few PS3 games, but specially Ridge Racer 7 and Wipeout HD. These games require a powerful PC, better than Core i7 3770k, maybe 4th generation i7 or better with TSX ( i7 3770k lacks TSX ). ( Ridge Racer 7 runs at maximum 30 fps, and with stuttering sound in some cases, on lower end Core i5 or i7 CPUs, or some Ryzen 5 or 7 CPUs, according to some YouTube videos I have watched. That is OK, but not 60 fps ). If I buy a powerful enough PC to emulate the games with RPCS3, I need to spend US$ 1000. On the other hand, I can buy a refurbished PS3 console like new for US$ 300, but I need something better than an old TV set to get HD graphics. I don´t want to use and old TV because the graphics are poor. If I buy an HD TV, it woud cost me another US$ 300, so I would have to spend at least US$ 600 in this case. But if I buy a PS3 instead of a PC, I lose the possibility of emulating other consoles with PCSX2, Xenia or Cemu, which require a medium-high end PC ( My actual PC is crap, it is a dual core Pentium E5700, and I can barely emulate PS2 or Wii U games, and have trouble to emulate PS3 of course ). I would like to know if I can get HD graphics like the ones of RPCS3 by using an HD PC monitor connecting through HDMI, and a PS3 console. ( The HD PC monitor with HDMI costs around US$ 180 so it is cheaper than a HD TV ). I will be very grateful if you can give me your opinion about what would be the best choice in the long run ( the difference is US$ 400 or US$ 500, but it would be difficult for me to spend US$ 1000 at this moment )
  7. Teknoparrot Loader (v1.0.0.201) | Arcade PC

    You are right, the game got fixed with latest 191 release
  8. Teknoparrot Loader (v1.0.0.201) | Arcade PC

    Yes, with newest update started working fine again, thanks
  9. Teknoparrot Loader (v1.0.0.201) | Arcade PC

    Hello. Did anyone try or can test the game "Mach Storm" with the latest updates, and ?? It does not work for me. The game shows a black screen and no graphics. It worked fine up to update - Fortunately, I kept a backup of release and use it to play the game, but it is not working, as said, it in two latest releases. I will be grateful if someone verifies the issue, in order to know if it is only on my end or not.
  10. [Arcade PC] Super Bikes 2™ (Raw Thrills)

    I wish I had a PS3 or XBox360 real controller, but they are expensive in my country, and it´s no use spending more than 30 dollars just to play one game. I use the "World of Joysticks" to emulate an XBox360 controller and works great with most of other games.
  11. [Arcade PC] Super Bikes 2™ (Raw Thrills)

    I tested swapping left and right sticks, but there is little difference, maybe the game needs a real XBox360 controller in order to work. I tried with X360ce emulator sofware, but the game does not recognize it. What I am using is a program called World of Joysticks, this is recognized as a X360 controller by the game. The next step is trying to fix the dead zone of the Xbox360 emulator I use, to make it less sensitive, I wil try.
  12. [Arcade PC] Super Bikes 2™ (Raw Thrills)

    Sorry, I meant swap the left stick for the right stick, and use the X axis
  13. [Arcade PC] Super Bikes 2™ (Raw Thrills)

    I will try to swap the X axis for the Y axis in the XBox360 Emulator mapping, to verify if the problem is the left stick, as the right stick has no problem.
  14. [Arcade PC] Super Bikes 2™ (Raw Thrills)

    Thanks for the reply! I tried calibrating the gamepad and is already calibrated. Could it be the left stick of the gamepad is not working well ? I have noticed sometimes it gets a bit stuck while moving. It is a cheap chinese one.