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  1. [FrontEnd] RetroFE LightGuns Crisis

    Buck Hunter Arcade (PC) : Had a look at it long time ago but too many issues. Dropped into the oblivion along with Blue Estate and some others Friction : It's indeed working, with all 3 versions of the hacked .dll and, indeed, I forgot to add mention of it in the Wiki (It is present in the changelog though). I'll try to change it quickly
  2. Unfortunatelly not that much. I don't see why this would happen because of DemulShooter. It looks like the gun is controlling some king of camera angle setting instead of the aiming...maybe a wrong setting in the ini file ?
  3. I finally found out how to correct it "Shot in the sky" should now be aligned with aim : KSHG_ResChanger_v3.0.zip
  4. Yes, you can use ReShade and force the ratio to 4/3 I'm using the CRT Geomod package from emuline, ready-to-use and easy to configure I never noticed so far a "not fired" bullet issue, but as I said ealier there is a last issue when playing on open air level, the bullet impact "in the sky" (if you're not hitting any object) is showed in a wrong place - and this may give a false impression that you're not aiming where you are thinking - but the bulletimpact is registerd where it should because as soon as you hit an object (wall, ennemy...) the impact is back a the good place As for the KSHG.exe/KSHG_no_cursor.exe : I don't know who made this 2nd file to begin with, but I think there is a big misunderstanding going on because by default, KSHG.exe is removing the cursor from the screen, whereas the patched "KSHG_no_crosshair.exe" is pushing a value to display a cursor.... This is what the optionnal "remove mouse cursor" check box is doing in the patcher, it's putting back orignal "no crosshair" code from "KSHG.exe" Edit: Of course this behaviour is without any 3rd party app modifying the cursor (dxWnd, AHK script or GameLoader)
  5. I just found where the game was testing this CRC file and old-schooled-NOPed the resulting conditionnal jump. Indeed, there was a typo in the patcher and the checkbox was not read. I'm joining a corrected version a the end of th post. But there's no guaranted effect with this cursor patch, it's acting differently on my computers so...try and test Here you go : [Hidden Content] Feel free to use it as you like and release as many version as you like, this is what open source is made for And for the corrected compiled binary :
  6. Small update for the ResChanger, thanks to @hgdagon who smartly pointed out the thing : The CRC-check of KSHG.exe file will now be patched along with resolution, so that you can patch any of the 2 exe files
  7. Well, this is so obvious I didn't event noticed it ! Thanks for that information As for the green banner, and as credited in the readme, I just took that from djexpert modified binaries for Level-Select. Curious way to hack it as I noticed it too, but I'm guilty to be too lazy at the moment to try to do better There are 2 things to take into account for aiming : 1 - If you're using a mouse, the shaiolib is getting coordinates based on the window size, whereas the game is waiting for cordinates based on it's Viewport size for 3D object, and in a fixed [640x480] range for 2D items. So using a resolution different from the window size (uing DxWnd, ReShade, or other tools) will result in offsets 2 - When you shoot in the "air" (like, outdoor level, and not hitting any wall or object or ennemies), the bullet flare is completelly off (accurate in the center, and way off in the border, like it's converted in a fixed [-320 ; +320] range from the center This is troublesome and makes you think that it's not firing where you're aiming, but hitting target is fine. I must admitt that, using lightgun and Demulshooter (which is recalculatting everything based on screen ratio, viewport and window size) I do not really know if there is any other issue with the mouse Anyway, thanks for the technical feedback, this is how things can get better
  8. It's not that clear : KSHG.exe refuses to boot and crashes on "Data Verification" step if you alter it at the same place and same patch than the no_cursor. The patcher is doing a little more than replacing a byte by another, it's adding a codecave in a unused part of the binary. And that part, even with 1-byte-lenght-codecave, makes it crash. I do agree that comparing both .exe files in a HEX editor shows almost no differences appart log and mouse cursor, but there's obviously somenthing else under the rock (related to some "self-data-check") If people want the patcher sources to test and have fun, just ask and I'd be pleased to share it
  9. C'est pour ça que je limite l'utilisation de GRH.....Sans vouloir critiquer (car c'est bcp de taff et ca aide bcp de personne), c'est impossible de savoir ce que fait (veut faire ?) le loader et ça ne convient pas à mon utilisation
  10. Alors là.....je n'utilise pas le loader donc j'avoue ne pas savoir edit: au pire ce n'est qu'une question de nom de fichier....une fois patché il suffit de le renommer en KSHG.exe si besoin
  11. Comme je disais dans ma réponse en anlgais avec la v2.1, j'ai supprimé toute mention de KSHG.exe dans le patcher et le readme car le fichier original ne fonctionne pas avec ce patch, donc à utiliser seulement avec le no_cursor
  12. Indeed, I was using a modified KSHG and didn't pay attention that it was not working with the original. So to be used with KSHG_no_cursor.exe only.I changed that to be more clear in the patcher and readme, thanks for the feedback. Oh, and not every resolution is working....1366x768, 1440x1080, etc....the game does not like it and crash Most common ones (640x480, 800x600, 1024x768, 1080x1024,1920x1080....) seem to be OK SHA_ResChanger_v2.1.zip
  13. Thanks to Djexpert and his Level Selector, I finally was able to fix previously faulty hitboxes when using the resolution patcher. So here's a new version, fully working (2D ennemies like leeches and coackroaches, path selection, etc....) There are still 2 oddities so far (no impact on gameplay) : 1 - The "Loading" screen before each level which stays in 640x480, unstreched according to new resolution 2 - When shooting "in the air" (i.e bullet don't hit any ennemy or wall/ceiling) the bullet flare is appearing in the wrong place Tested at home in 1920x1080, through the game Note : This will not help people having invisible ennemies. (Updated version to download 2 post below)
  14. You can also use the marvellous GeoMod ReShade pack that you can find here on Emuline, that's what I do with a lot of games. Even if I don't enable the CRT effect, it can easilly resize the display with any wanted ratio.
  15. Unfortunatelly I do not own any Wiimote so I won't be able to help you for this DsDiag is only to be used for RawInput device diagnostic (Lightguns,etc...). For XInput you must use windows to test buttons and axis like a real joypad