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  1. This is perfeclty normal, because Aimtraks are also seen as a real mouse in Windows, and because windows can only handle 1 mouse cursor to forward to games...So a 2nd Aimtrak would also act as 1P mouse if in-game mouse control are left unblocked On the other hand, this is a sign that DemulShooter is hooking and hacking the game as intended to create a log, just add a -v option in the command line, this will create a debug.txt file But as the hooking seems to be correct, this would not be that helpfull Did you use DemulShooter specific menu for Silent Hill to set keys to be used in-game ?
  2. The loading icon is almost always there, maybe not according to the OS you're using (winxp / 7 / 10) but you can use another mouse-hiding-tool for that. I'm using nomousy for everything but other tools are working too As for DemulShooter....maybe a litlle more info on what you're using/doing would help ? what devices are you using it with ?
  3. Aide pour DemulShooter avec 2 Lightgun Aimtrak

    Je n'ai pas de tutoriel tout fait mais pour un lecteur anglophone il y a tout expliqué en détail ici : [Hidden Content]
  4. Seriously, I wrote a full WIKI for DemulShooter and everything is explained in it It's very nice of you to make video tutorial to explain things clearly to other people (and I thank you for that) but please, please......read the wiki before writing this kind of things Of course 2nd player is working perfectly and of course you can't use the config.bat script.... [Hidden Content]
  5. @hgdagon Thank you very much for your very interesting message ! No offense taken, I think the same as you about this patcher As I said quickly just after sharing it, it was just a dirty try I shared for people to play around with it, but it makes the game impossible to play : I unfortunately never found where and why (in the code) the coordinates taken from the shooting point are being separated and modified to become different hitbox for 3D models and for 2D sprites Got bored of all this and so it's sitting unfinished on my computer...I don't think there will ever be a working version I can suggest you a 4th one (don't use it myself as I have no Wiimote but had positive return from users) : Using TouchMote to translate your Wiimote as X360 gamepad + DemulShooter to use this X360 virtual device to play SilentHill
  6. If you change the exe name, DemulShooter won't find the process to hook it
  7. Well... simply because Aliens was closest to a real arcade game, with a specific hardware (guns) and I/O board sending data to the game so you can simply change guns value in memory FarCry is more like a Windows game and, with the old Exe, controls are not existing WITHIN the game unless a real Xbox controller is plugged so....this is why
  8. C'est surtout que, pour être encore plus clair, (par rapport à ta question initiale) : mouse_enabler et demulshooter ne peuvent pas et ne doivent pas tourner en même temps L'aimtrak n'est pas une souris normale, même si il peut le sembler en l'utilisant sur le bureau Windows Ceci dit, avec l'exe de mohkerz, je n'ai besoin de rien d'autre pour jouer avec une simple souris, ça marche de base
  9. Demulshooter et le mouse enabler sont 2 choses independante : demulshooter pour les lightgun/Wiimote Xinput et mouseenabler poiur les simples souris J'ai modifié ma réponse plus haut car je pensais que c'etait le topic silent hill, hors pour far cry il n'y a pas de suport officiel via demulshooter, seulement des tests en cours sur la vieille version et non testés sur celle-ci
  10. Yes, with demulshooter Sorry, wrong topic, I though it was Silent Hill No official demulshooter support for Far Cry, only old WIP untested with new exe
  11. Just remove the subst.exe file from the game directory, it's an old version and not compatible with recent windows. That way, your windows should use it's own (and correct) subst.exe when running the bat file Verified on Win10 1803
  12. Yeah I know it's far from perfect, there is this little thing about shooting choices, and it seems you can"t shoot enemy glued on the screen like thoses leeches during pyramid head boss I just shared this for people who want to play with it
  13. @Mohkerz did such a great job that nothing has changed for DemulShooter, it worked out of the box. (Win10 X64 1803) Just do as said in the wiki : run DemulShooter GUI, set Silent Hill keys then use the game exe and demulshooter as usual (no need for calibration) I'm not using DxWnd (and I noticed that using it creates some offset in the aim), and I'm not using Game Loader All RH If you want to play around with it, I'm joining some kind of game resolution patcher I made long ago, and with this one videos are not too big or too small for the screen I'm not sure every single resolution is working but classic ones (1024*768, 1920*1080, 1366*768) are working good and of course final result may depend on your screen, GPU, driver etc... Make a backup of your game file before using it.... SHA_ResChanger.zip
  14. Teknoparrot Loader (v1.0.0.205) | Arcade PC

    Non pour 2 raisons : - La première, plutôt conceptuelle, est que DemulShooter n'est pas un Trainer pour tricher/modder les jeux mais un outil permettant de jouer à 2 dans les conditions de l'original - La 2e, plutôt technique, est que si un jeu n'a pas dans son code un auto-fire de prévu lorsque la gâchette reste appuyée, il faut simuler des appuis virtuels a des intervalles précis pour que ce soit en rapport avec les procedures de lectures en boucle des controles par le jeu De même, l'auto reload signifie chercher les valeurs de munitions et de les tester en permanence pour les modifier. Mais de manière générale, la 3e raison (mon temps libre ) associé à la 1ère raison font que la 2e est loin d'être une priorité
  15. Teknoparrot Loader (v1.0.0.205) | Arcade PC

    I saw your message on BYOAC forum but I'm waiting to be able to test HOTD4 with my gamepad to give you a proper answer As for general offscreen reload, I can't be sure as I don't know TouchMote at all. If you can map an offscreen buton press of your wiimote to a different X360 button than the one simulated with an on-screen press, it should be working with demulshooter as long as you select this button for "right click" Et encore, ajouter à ça les XXX versions de TeknoParrot qui vont changer tous les jours, les difference Win7 / Win10 (et même les difference Win10 / Win10 entre les differentes versions....) empire les choses de manière exponentielle