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  1. Any chance you have a 720p 4:3 version of Space Ace? Don’t want anything 1080p so I can use OpenGL in Daphne. I agree - want as close to original cab quality as possible with some better visuals without losing the original look and feel.
  2. aacii and I are both looking for the same 720p 4:3 no grain version. Is there a possibility of a repost for the SA 720p 4:3 no grain version (Eng audio)?
  3. I am not sure what other changes have been made in this ROM version (lair2_318), but you can use the original ROM (lair2) and get into the service menu (service+sword at same time) and change difficulty to anything above "0" and the hints will disappear.
  4. Anyone been able to get it to play properly with -opengl argument? I would prefer that over the software rendering method if it's possible with these video files. Thanks for the work. Also, I haven't seen a response/update to the post regarding missing references in the framefile above. Will that be addressed? Or will simply manually adding the references that are missing to the included framefile fix the problem?
  5. The white text at top is caused by the -useoverlaysb 2 command in the batch file. Remove that argument and it removes the "overlay".