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  1. lol... the ai it's so dumb... in this state can be enjoyed only by 8 years old kids who smash randomly the buttons and can beat the game anyway... don't even bother until you can change game difficulty.... same as for snk heroines... PS. you guys should write a petition to 1cc and ask for a proper idmac64.dll
  2. thanx for bringing up the topic, i had the chance to give it a try already but in my opinion (besides the technical aspect) these extreme res remasters are just losing the original organic appeal... i personally find way more attractive for my eyes a blurry laserdisc rip filtered by a true crt screen than any other ultra-clean digitally rearranged image, by the way, the deep learning process is far from being perfect, overall amazing but sure not perfect...
  3. The error you are experiencing has nothing to do with the intro video nor the 2nd IO, the game runs perfectly also if jconfig it's not specific for it and doesn't allow the access to the test menu game settings nor the use of blood, for what concerns the correct button setup, here it is gamepad button 1 = P3 button1 gamepad button 2 = P3 button2 gamepad button 3 = P1 button5 gamepad button 4 = P1 button6 gamepad button 5 = P1 button1 gamepad button 6 = P3 button4 this configuration is for Type A
  4. you're welcome!!! to answer your question... yes and no, more no than yes actually.... remember, google and photoshop are our best friends.
  5. This is somehow more than a "grab and play" content, this package contains all you need to build from scratch (or customizing an existing DK cabinet) a brand new Fix-it Felix Jr. arcade machine, comprehensive of game, vector repro and cabinet plans, if you have thought about to embark on a journey and spend some genuine time to build something that will certainly bring some color in your living room, basement or game room, here it is, this is your chance to have some fun or get nuts while trying to... This is the final result which with some effort you can achieve with (let's say) a couple of months of work. These are instead the repros included in .psd and vector .eps format, ready to be printed, I suggest doing a proper research online to choose the more appropriate support for printing, the cabinet base color, joystick, buttons, glass, plexi, wood, etc... there's plenty of video tutorials on YT and internet to learn how other people got this done with killer accuracy. and last but not least, here the website where you can find all the plans and measurements to build the cab from scratch: [Hidden Content] To assemble and play the latest version of the rom just follow the simple instructions sheet I included in the archive, that's it! NOTE: Game has a vertical screen orientation. If you like this post leave a like! [Hidden Content] You can fix it!! LOL
  6. Tekken 7 FR AC kit Hi-res [Hidden Content]
  7. then eventually it's coming also the marquee. .. lol
  8. lol...let's have a laugh... it's better...
  9. Who wants this? ...T7FR AC kit ready to print for cabinets... marquee hi-res 5k move strips hi-res 15k, 10k, 4k
  10. KIRA KIRA STAR NIGHT AC, it's an arcade port made by Japanese developer Riki in 2017 based on the DX version for Famicom, HD Marquee and instruction card are included in the game folder, enjoy and leave a like if you appreciate my post! NOTE: The game is playable with any FC/NES emulator. [Hidden Content]