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  1. [Arcade PC] Battle Gear 4 + BG4 Tuned (TTX)

    Yeah wierd, Ive tried lots of stuff but it runs at 11-12fps the whole time for me :( I don't have any mix from other version and i tried deleting all those files etc but same issue occurs. Not sure why
  2. Hi guys, Fast Beat Loop Racer GT has a bad deadzone for wheel users so we got a deadzone fix that Ducon2016 coded up for me and ill update it for each version until hopefully the devs implement a fix for us wheel users. Just let me know if game gets patched if I haven't updated. [Hidden Content] Instructions are in zip file
  3. [Arcade PC] Battle Gear 4 + BG4 Tuned (TTX)

    ah nice find. Indeed pressing service etc before that logo gets me past that error. However for me the fullscreen mod runs really slow eg runs at 11fps instead of 60 I was under the assumption that JConfigBG did have analog support for pedals. ill check sometime
  4. [Arcade PC] Battle Gear 4 + BG4 Tuned (TTX)

    I see. Thanks for letting me know. Cool, I was gonna try this too. Nice to know it works
  5. [Arcade PC] Battle Gear 4 + BG4 Tuned (TTX)

    Ah, right. I still can't seem to run latest version, crashes after showing TX Surround screen :( I really hope the tuned pro 2010 version releases someday. I assume this version is the one that runs 1360x768 resolution instead of 800x600 and most likely comes with force feedback. Current dumps don't appear to have any force feedback which is a shame
  6. [Arcade PC] Battle Gear 4 + BG4 Tuned (TTX)

    yea i was talking about the new one v2.03 seems to be english version I know about the old japanese version
  7. [Arcade PC] Battle Gear 4 + BG4 Tuned (TTX)

    Anyone managed to run the new bg4 dump posted at 1cc? I tried it out on 3 different pcs but doesn't load on any for me
  8. Teknoparrot Loader (v1.51) | Arcade PC

    Because the current state of the dll file is pretty average and doesn't work very well That's why it's been left open source for people to modify the code and fix the ffb then they compile a better ffb dll
  9. Delete serial port and printer. Then add serial port again See how it says serial port 2 That's your problem
  10. well you can enter test menu and modify options I changed the DH_PCB_ID numbers etc but still get the same conflict id error also attempted network after making the changes but still no go
  11. Set up menu stuff for Initial D6 controls in dumbjvsmanager Then 5th option down, then 1st option is calibrate
  12. Has anyone got this working on Logitech G27 wheel? Also has anyone ever got the network working? I just get pcb error about conflict How do we set an environment varable? Poster in 1cc said For network play, set an environment variable called DH_PCB_ID to 1, 2, 3 , or 4 depending upon link configuration. >If DH_PCB_ID is not set, the default PCB ID will be 1.
  13. Yeah I fixed my error too. Make sure you don't connect sound card to vm
  14. I'm also having this issue ACROSS 5 PCS!! every single one doing the same thing GRRR What can we do? Edit**Actually mine is slightly different mine says something having sound resource being busy It says nsAdrv: cannot open audio device surround51 (Device or resource busy)
  15. [Arcade PC] Daytona 3 (Sega Amusements like Europa-R System)

    Wiildwolf, load up x360ce and go to force feedback tab Enable and save you should get effects onto your g27 but it's not true force feedback, just x360ce doing some ffb effects when it detects rumble