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  1. [Arcade PC] Daytona 3 (Sega Amusements like Europa-R System)

    Wiildwolf, load up x360ce and go to force feedback tab Enable and save you should get effects onto your g27 but it's not true force feedback, just x360ce doing some ffb effects when it detects rumble
  2. [Arcade PC] Daytona 3 (Sega Amusements like Europa-R System)

    that's not hex editing Download HxD
  3. [Arcade PC] Daytona 3 (Sega Amusements like Europa-R System)

    Yeah that won't really work kingpinzero. Might fix it for 20 seconds but it re activates itself The permanent fix has been posted on arcade controls forum but I'll post it here too You will need to hex edit the exe and goto 17C13D and change 01 to 00 then open your config.ini and set ENABLE_DYNAMIC_RESOLUTION = 1DYNAMIC_RESOLUTION_MAX = 1920DYNAMIC_RESOLUTION_MIN = 960ENABLE_DYNAMIC_MSAA = 0ENABLE_DYNAMIC_BAKE_FREQUENCY = 0
  4. [Arcade PC] Daytona 3 (Sega Amusements like Europa-R System)

    Maybe you guys need to check out arcade controls forum. Seems you have missed some stuff as of late We have moved the ffb data to a readable position and Howard has made a new launcher for xinput rumble. Also there is info on how to hex edit the game to force off MSAA4X which will solve the missing textures etc for some people
  5. [Arcade PC] Daytona 3 (Sega Amusements like Europa-R System)

    Look my method for x360ce DOES work I've done it multiple times and I never have to change xinput names I didn't say check LL,SA,WT and DISABLE so they do not need ticks Next you obviously set up controls on first page? And finally make sure you have only ONE exe in the folder and you have x360ce pointing at the exe you are loading up. You do not need to open x360ce again after saving. Just launch the game and dll does the rest
  6. [Arcade PC] Daytona 3 (Sega Amusements like Europa-R System)

    ok firstly you will need 32bit version of x360ce . now after that goto game settings as you did and enter Daytona.exe exactly as you did. Now click on it to highlight it (like how x360ce_x64.exe is highlighted in blue now) now click COM,DI,PIDVD,NAME and STOP under Hook Mask and click on every 32 bit check under Xinput Files if you have a button which says apply underneath then click on it. Save and quit out of x360ce. Now just load the game and it should make a sound and you know it's working
  7. [Arcade PC] Daytona 3 (Sega Amusements like Europa-R System)

    to use x360ce with it just goto gamesettings in x360ce. Add daytona.exe and choose it. Select every box on left side at top and select every xinput dll on left down bottom. click apply now everytime you load daytona it will work on your wheel etc
  8. [Arcade PC] Daytona 3 (Sega Amusements like Europa-R System)

    Well done everyone involved. This should work with x360ce for wheels for now Manson..Derole made a loader which allows you to exit with escape. Now just need gear shifters and vibration and ffb
  9. [Arcade PC] Daytona 3 (Sega Amusements like Europa-R System)

    Unfortunately the instructions aren't clear we need your exe ducon!
  10. [Arcade PC] Daytona 3 (Sega Amusements like Europa-R System)

    awesome work Ducon however ive made the required changes and it just crashes on me after loading and getting the network discovery screen doesnt do this for me usually *edit* im getting a jmp error
  11. [Arcade PC] Daytona 3 (Sega Amusements like Europa-R System)

    I'm not sure what ip config.ini is meant to do exactly as all the network info is used in game.ini All you have done is copied the network stuff from game.ini to ipconfig.ini which seems strange to me but perhaps it works Anyway to get past network discovery in single player just set it for single player in config and then in game.ini you would add the port number that occurs when you press f1 and open debug Web page At the end of Ensure that you have cabinet id set to 1 and number cabinets to 1 too
  12. [Arcade PC] Daytona 3 (Sega Amusements like Europa-R System)

    Have you actually tested that out? Cos I've got network working but didn't need ipconfig.ini at all
  13. [Arcade PC] Daytona 3 (Sega Amusements like Europa-R System)

    yes we know this already what does ipconfig.ini actually do though? its not needed for network afaict
  14. [Arcade PC] Daytona 3 (Sega Amusements like Europa-R System)

    well I had a messy day and had issues with the network working, finally figured out the issue however ****YOU NEED A WEBCAM CONNECTED FOR NETWORK MULTIPLAYER**** It does not work if you turn the webcam off in settings So make sure you have some kind of camera connected (I used PS3 Camera's as i had a bunch lying around) Now under ShellData.ini in ShellData [Network] Enabled=1 CabinetID=2 NumCabinets=2 set cabinet ID depending on which pc you are using Set Cabinet 1 for Master/Server and Cabinet 2 onwards for other pcs and finally set the NumCabinets to how many cabinets you want. So for 2 player obviously just 2......for 8 player=8 Goto GameSettings.ini in ShellData ENSURE YOU HAVE CAMERA ENABLED=ON if you have this off then you are wasting your time and network will not boot up once you get to the power boot sequence same with having webcam disabled etc Goto config.ini in GameData [Network] FORCE_NET_VALID = 0 NETWORK_TYPE = 0 # 0: Slave # 1: Master # 2: SinglePlay set Master as NETWORK_Type=1 and every other cabinet as slave =0 *****ONLY WORKS IN 192.168.1.X RANGE****** now they would only work in that range and I believe X has to be pretty low numbers too eg 2-9 but someone can test this more and see. Unfortunately my network is in the 10.0.0.X range so I will use a program to automatically change my ip when I load the game and change back when I exit out Goto game.ini in shell [Network] Active=1 Domain=127.0.0 BaseAddr=1 Port=23232 CabinetDomain=192.168.1 CabinetBaseAddr=8 CabinetPort=27000 CabinetActive=1 MasterTimeout=15000 ClientTimeout=15000 [ShellNetwork] MasterTimeout=70000 ClientTimeout=70000 modify yours to have these numbers except change the CabinetBaseAddr and I matched it with whatever my last number of IP was so for above my ip was Now launch the game across all your pcs and they will go past the network discovery screen once they connect. Press F1 to launch the debug screen on all the pcs (Im actually not sure if Master needs this too but it doesnt hurt to launch on that too, ensure the webpage loads, if it doesn't open then goto now finally alt tab back to fullscreen on all your pcs and you will have the Network Power boot or something like that. Should say Good on all your pcs and boot into game on all of them You can check the logs if you have any issues and it might help with finding the solution but if you are having issues at the power boot screen where it says Good and then changes then its almost certainly the Webcam That's it! Enjoy