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  1. Don't worry, let's talk in the next days, I don't mind doing it again from scratch, let's do this, I like your spirit!! It's better to have a quick brainstorm first so we can split the tasks, share some ideas and then choose a clear direction. PS. It's gonna be pretty awesome, trust me!
  2. I found only a few screenshots from both demos, unfortunately not the video tracks... i did that 10 years ago at least... the game was intended to be very old school (same as the first Dragon's Lair), with blinking areas instead of visual hints like the arrows and laserdisc lookalike video treatment... I was even imaging it made by Atari... lol.. .pretty geek!
  3. the old one of course, actually, many years ago I started (and abandoned on the way) a demo for Tron and Star Wars using DL as a base, I'm not sure and I have to check if I still have it, if I find the videos I will post it here... well, great news for your release (which I can't wait for it), let's find a moment next week to have a chat in private, maybe by joining the efforts we can make something cool without spending too much time... If you're interested in Cliffhanger I posted while ago in the arcade PC section my remaster from Bluray as well as the DL trilogy and Time Gal...
  4. If the idea to make another game based on the movie Tron gives you the chills, count me in for help, I can take care of the design and video parts... PS. Just finished to test it, brilliant, just brilliant! ...amazing also the setup game feature, gonna definitely try it in my spare time, bravo!! Looking forward to put my hands on the full game and the guide you have mentioned, thank you very much mate, just brilliant!
  5. small bug found on fighting climax, the game if left in attract mode hangs before the title screen, it can happen after one or two cycles..
  6. just assign the button you wish... generally number 1...
  7. TF_Gun_R_Ring_dumped.exe and yes mouse as gun... for the credits just press test button, for some reason the button assignment is kinda broken... one last thing, set region and dongle to JPN!
  8. Did some tests, all three new patreon games work perfectly, Fighting Climax it's the 1.0 version, it has only 8 characters in the roster to choose from, for whoever is interested here there's the list of updates and changes for the different versions.
  9. Resolution is fixed, no way to change it but through third parties apps
  10. Wow... DOA5AC it's pretty dope... works flawlessly though! let's see how long it will takes to see released the rest of the 2D fightings lineup ...
  11. Unfortunately the remastered version i did has a bug in one scene letting the game proceed also without inputting the requested move, at the moment i have no time to understand what's wrong so nope, it isn't ready.
  12. Oh my... that's absolutely brilliant.... lol
  13. lol... you seem to be very familiar with that kind of environment you describe with such meticulosity... lol ...seriously, go back to 1CC, no one cares about your rants here... me neither, just messing for fun with your little brain...
  14. LOL, such a tough troll... I would like to see face to face what you can really do kiddo, you're just embarrassing yourself, the reality is that you can't do anything but trolling, go back cry to 1CC... or better, find some pills to control your testosterone, we don't want you in a hospital because of a cancer to your small testicles... LOL . ...chill kiddo, that's the secret! LOL