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  1. Oh my... that's absolutely brilliant.... lol
  2. lol... you seem to be very familiar with that kind of environment you describe with such meticulosity... lol ...seriously, go back to 1CC, no one cares about your rants here... me neither, just messing for fun with your little brain...
  3. LOL, such a tough troll... I would like to see face to face what you can really do kiddo, you're just embarrassing yourself, the reality is that you can't do anything but trolling, go back cry to 1CC... or better, find some pills to control your testosterone, we don't want you in a hospital because of a cancer to your small testicles... LOL . ...chill kiddo, that's the secret! LOL
  4. lol... first we had the pleasure to meet the smart one, now I guess you must be his big mouth troll cousin, here to revenge his lost frail pride... I'm genuinely impressed by your ability to say nothing using so many words in such a colorful fashion... did you study at Harvard? LOL
  5. also Rambo officially on the way!
  6. your time to kick some decepticons butts has finally come buddy!
  7. According to what i saw yesterday on discord and for your joy, Transformers seems to be on the way, probably next update (most likely will be patreon only for a couple of weeks first), so be happy, christmas it's close! lol
  8. lol... still here trolling? ...you must be the smart one of your troll legion... lol
  9. yup... at the end of the day it's probably all about fetishism and having fun with that.. it's a crazy world mate... lol
  10. sorry, I don't get it... according to the logic of your statement the whole TP team should give up the development after being able to successfully emulate Transformers HA and another couple of exclusive titles because you can already play the port... lol ...80/90% of arcade games are released on home console or pc and yes, mostly are fighting games, so what?... probably you're not familiar with things like "insert coins fetishism", arcade cabinets at home or general arcade emulation, because that's what is all about.
  11. Hell yeah, finally we are talking about some serious shit!!
  12. just score... you register your user name then you store the score... i honestly don't see any benefit, at least for the Nesica titles, a real benefit would be the option to level up your character and save the progress like in Pokken Tournament, which actually doesn't have that feature yet making the game kinda useless in its current state...
  13. it's an online save feature, not multi player...
  14. nouvelles du jour ... Teknoparrot émule la fonction de sauvegarde de carte Nesica ... Je me demande si avons-nous vraiment besoin de ça ...