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  1. lol, usually all pc based Arcades have very basic hardware, let's say enough to run what they need to run... Vewlix cabinets for examples used to have till couple of years ago 720p res screens, that by itself should hints what's behind the whole arcade technology... but yeah this sega NU it's definitely a dinosaur in terms of architecture...
  2. Hatsune Miku Project DIVA Future Tone Series Arcade (Sega, November 21, 2013) Wonderland Wars series (Sega, February 19, 2015) Luigi Mansion Arcade (Capcom, June 18, 2015 → Currently closed online service) Chunism Series (Sega Interactive, July 16, 2015) Crossbeats REV. (Capcom, July 23, 2015 → Currently, the online service is now offline) Mario & Sonic at Rio Olympics Arcade Game (Nintendo / Sega Interactive, February 24, 2016) KanColle Arcade (Sega Interactive, April 26, 2016) The first Sega Nu game supported by Teknoparrot? So the next supported game by TeknoParrot is Hatsune Miku Project DIVA Future Tone Arcade? Look at the date of the post. not really into this kind of gay games but just for the records... the other day i stumbled on this link... from the icons on the top right screens it seems to be the legit AC version and it's 24 freaking Gb download... [Hidden Content]
  3. it must be black magic...
  4. Arcade Adaptation for PC Games

    does anyone have a sengoku basara x link to share?
  5. If I remember correctly... enable "show hidden files" option in windows then go to users/"youruser"/appdata/roaming/gameloaderrh/ and delete the .ini files stored in the folder, then set again the proper configuration in gameloader and it should work fine again.
  6. you can always send him a wish letter... see what he says... lol PS. no offense.. just kidding
  7. lol..... as much as the chances are that Santa Claus is gonna ring your bell door the very same day...
  8. Game Loader All Rh

    @djexpert Hey DJ, keep up the good work, despite all the nonsense criticism and the dumb individuals who are poisoning this forum, the reality is that your loader is damn good and haters are gonna always hate, nothing new bro, yo!
  9. TP works just fine for me, plus it unlocks all the game extras which is quite neat... no time to check what's your problem, sorry.
  10. lol, dude... a rock is smarter than you... stay on 1cc talking shit about TP and have fun licking asses there.
  11. Just rename the udx....exe to game.exe and start RH... RH recognizes by default any exe named "game"... not rocket science except for spider which needs to lick people's ass to get things done... just ignore whatever says that double face dumb, he's just e parasite.
  12. you don't need RH, just swap the original .exe with the one provided by DJexpert and launch directly the exe. PS. remember to copy first all the files from the UDX Jconfig archive
  13. Someone can confirm if it's just me having this issue with Fighting Climax? Basically... if I leave the game running in attract mode for a while, after a random number of cycles it hangs right before the title screen, (It doesn't crush, it's only stuck and I found the way to make it run again just by opening task manager and then switching back to the game)... now... I reported this issue long ago to the TP team but it seems that no one is interested in giving a damn answer and I don't get if it's something related to some codec video from my side or it's a TP bug... if someone can kindly test it just by leaving the game running for 10/15 min in attract mode and see if it's just an isolated case that would be great, thnx! EDIT: fixed... Lav codecs 32 and 64 must be disabled for .wmv.... !"£$%&/()=!!!!
  14. thank you mate, just love sega's mahjong!