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  1. Hi All, I was spending time on Akihabara videos on youtube and ... anyone know if there is a dump of a Dragon Ball Arcade game? If I not wrong its "DRAGON BALL ZENKAI BATTLE" and probably was released in 2019. I can't find specific info. about this dump,
  2. - DOA6: Working with all the buttons! - PUYO PUYO: Everything OK. - GG STRIVE, works, but something strange happens, the Japanese characters appears or translated o directly broked.
  3. Anyone has a press inputs issues with DInput (for my cabinet control panel) like sometimes mis pressing or sometimes with lag ... ??? if I use XInput (for XBOX controller) works fine.
  4. Im testing the T7 Round 2 ... Any .ini to change te language to Japanese?
  5. Hello folks, this is the only game that I use with Teknoparrot, im loking for delet the parrot, is there any possibility to run OR2 with jconfig?
  6. Thank @Trymado, im usin your file, thi is better than the regular one ... But it seem you are doing a scaling to 1080 and the game still running in low res, right? Im goin to test some files .in order to run natively the game in 1080.
  7. Any diference between this on and the old (non nxl2 version)? ... Or even worts this one only have 1 player, right?
  8. Hi @nohero, what is the difference with the old USFIV (No Nxl2) ?
  9. With jConfig why appears a black rectangle on the screen? How to remove it? Thanks
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