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  1. Always happens to me, ALT+TAB and ALT+TAB and solved.
  2. Any news about the BB Cross Tag Battle, right?
  3. [Tuto] OutRun 2 SP SDX: How to Install

    Hello folks, this is the only game that I use with Teknoparrot, im loking for delet the parrot, is there any possibility to run OR2 with jconfig?
  4. Thank @Trymado, im usin your file, thi is better than the regular one ... But it seem you are doing a scaling to 1080 and the game still running in low res, right? Im goin to test some files .in order to run natively the game in 1080.
  5. Any diference between this on and the old (non nxl2 version)? ... Or even worts this one only have 1 player, right?
  6. Hi @nohero, what is the difference with the old USFIV (No Nxl2) ?
  7. What difference has this .dll(s) instead the ones from FEX?
  8. With jConfig why appears a black rectangle on the screen? How to remove it? Thanks
  9. Thanks but this not works inside the .bat, I think the order "start" kill the next lines, and the order run, not work in a .bat file.
  10. Hello guys, one easy question because it's driving me crazy trying several combinations and nothing works. How do you remap the KEYS on the .bat file to use for example "1" instead "shift+t" .Thanks in advance!
  11. How we can do this? In the same bacth start.bat file its enough?
  12. Of curse, it's a test for understand how the game works its just a google translation.
  13. @nohero @kimsama OK, tonight I have started to play with the "Localization" folders. Conlusions: 1. The file "TimeCrisisEngine.ini" inside "C:\Users\user\Documents\My Games\UnrealEngine3\TimeCrisisGame\Config" doesn't matter If you run the game whit the "Start.bat", because this .bat includes a force Language to JPN. 2. To run in Japanese, you need to have "JPN" folders inside "TC5\TimeCrisisGame\Engine\Localization" and "TC5\TimeCrisisGame\Localization". I create a quick google translation, you can Decompress the zip included in the post and drop into the game. When you do this automaticaly when boot the game, the warning messagefor JAPAN ARCADES appear and also the BANAPASSPORT splash claming for your card. 3. You can edit my file .jpn as a .txt whit notepad, but the problem is I cant find the correct Font inside the game, If someone can do it, probably the Japanese works! In red the things reletad to the game fonts (japanese characters) that we need to replace, but I don't know where I can get it inside the game. TC5.zip
  14. Thanks for your help but no works for me. I try with “JAP” and “JPN”.