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  1. [Tuto] Game Loader All Rh (PDF Fr/En)

    WHICH GAMES dont work with teknoparrot? why use rhloader?
  2. Teknoparrot Loader | Arcade PC

    wtf is this game tho? i dl it 3 weeks ago and i cant believe i dont know what it is. too much stuff. i install nodejs . i pressed the mu3.exe to start it but its just a black screen. nothing happens
  3. Basic 'Demul' tutorial

    Very basic in fact, the controls of any 1 game is up to you . THIS IS REALLY FOR 'SUPER NOOBS' i have had a few people aske me lately
  4. Teknoparrot Loader | Arcade PC

    dl malwarebtyes , dl iobit uninstaller u may have a weak bug in your system, i have steam and i make sure its turned off when i start m,y pc, i have no shit popping up on me. steam behaves i know, had it for ages , so u may have a worm😓
  5. Teknoparrot Loader | Arcade PC

    which game are you talking about ? you shouldnt even need steam running for tkpt.
  6. pablo i think il play the rpcs3 version, not arcade ,but it has all the benefits that this doesnt 4k english and controls easy
  7. whats your monitor resolution? u have only jap language tho . how is it working perfect for u?
  8. ok . damn, also iv noticed the language has now become a problem as you move through the game , u actually need to know wtf they are texting or saying. anyway gg could be better tho. res is shite for me unfortunately
  9. so what size is your monitor mines 4k, the game seems to be 720p but maybe im wrong ?. also would like that info on your solution thx
  10. bin file extraction for teknoparrot tutorial

    cheers trouby
  11. Triforce Tutorial - Virtua Striker 3

    very good tutorial thx
  12. Mame crt perfection (close to)

    perfect video and much better than the others , excellent crt look'
  13. RPCS3 - Initial D Extreme Stage (Tutorial) and 2 rounds

    well done good options
  14. RPCS3 - PSN File Tutorial

    nice thx for the video