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  1. are you able to upload a picture to show what it looks like?
  2. so yes capcom arcade it gets to the nice retro yellow capcom screen then crashes , of course ryujinx does not have this problem. DOCK YOUR CONTROLLERS use pro controller so as to use your ps4 controller like 1 pro controller makes more sense anyway. unless u are talking about cemu instead Splatoon 2
  3. iso virtua striker 4

    the gofile upload does not exist it says. pass me the update and il pass u the vs4 file
  4. yeah bro i know. i was with yuzu before, but ryujinx is making yuzu redundant , i have mentioned before that how does yuzu supposedly the prominent 'switch emu' have donkykong tropical freeze in red? only intro just 1 example of many , ryujinx isnt as fast possibly?what with the vulcan thing but all i know is i could start gouls n ghosts straight away on it yes it was slow with cache buildup but yuzu wont even do it HOWEVER NOW IT DOES WORK IN YUZU AND ITS QUICKER, SO I KEEP UPDATING YUZU HOPING FOR THE BEST, BUT STILL ONLY IN 1080P NO 4K OR 5K LIKE RYUJINX. I DO THINK YUZU HAS THE SUPERIOR INTERFACE but it wont play most things like ryujinx, i will be testing capcom after this comment to see if it does work on yuzu. yes yuzu crashes all time more than ryujinx!
  5. yeah nah all those games u mention i managed to get working including capcom arcade stadium, all games work but sound issues, i was going to make a video but i dont think people will tolerate it as the sound is way too choppy especially on final fight. But all on ryujinx only, yuzu wont happen, its too picky. but the 'blizzard arcade special' game doesn work. I REITERATE I WONT BE MAKING A VIDEO NOW ON THIS 'CAPCOM arcade stadium' GAME AS THE SOUND IS UNBEARABLE, SAD BECAUSE IT LOOKS PERFECT and in fact the 'scanline curve screen effect' is actually very good and very close to arcade perfect. However the game does crash too, but i played through half of final fight
  6. Ryujinx - Bowsers Fury 😼 fine emulation

    yeah no good to me, all i want is the yuzu that has res changer otherwise it would a complete waste of time, there are sites out there or rather one that just gets the games in on the 2nd day it was released. i have already got some new games taxi ride game, which i see is on torrent . but i use ryujinx cos it has games working better than yuzu and u have res changer
  7. Ryujinx - Bowsers Fury 😼 fine emulation

    haha seen heard people al round the globe trying to get their hands on one, few and far between yes of course its on RTX 3090 OC card bro 😅 i know some people cant even get a 3060 . a nice guy at harvey norman said when he put it in for free as i was standing there that i was rare to even have it. i was the only one who had one at that time about 3 of us now in n.z lol obviously the card is amzing but let me tell you because i have 4k hdr monitor its just doing the job not overly with the likes of cyberpunk etc.., the games are stupidly hard extra settings . pc games have always been ahead of gpus. they do it ob purpose to sell graphic cards or the next big thing like mine.
  8. from 'Super Mario 3D World + Bowsers Fury' a Switch game emulates excellent only a touch slow at the start then it goes fine
  9. windows 93 /Windows XP

    Amiga Workbench Simulator fukn cool sexy beat that one
  10. windows 93 /Windows XP

    ok pete 😎
  11. windows 93 /Windows XP

    yeah sort of half assed yes i agree with you 😌
  12. windows 93 /Windows XP

    found this ? online [Hidden Content] is this an emulator? what could u play on w 93' also this windows xp [Hidden Content]
  13. Mugen : Hanna Barbera (cartoon) vs Konami vs SNK

    haha 😅 pretty cool mugen character list
  14. jez the last time i played one of those games it was pcsNeed for Speed(TM) Hot Pursuit good game actually. i kind of got sick of them since i played them in ps1 days etc..
  15. use rpcs3 for those type of games its easier and better