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  1. how do you play the guitar games? with a ps4 controller?
  2. Teknoparrot Loader | Arcade PC

    so how r u 'playn' it? not with teknpt
  3. Best Emulator XBOX - CxBx or XEMU?

    Xenia i meant . yes fuk al if that. so far on Cxbx is far better
  4. Best Emulator XBOX - CxBx or XEMU?

    you tried th 360 ones? i think only 'indie' type games are possible at this stage
  5. Best Emulator XBOX - CxBx or XEMU?

    ok so like what games are running for you . can u give me an example [Hidden Content] according to this theres a few. but hmm trying th virtual pool one, says it runs perfect
  6. Best Emulator XBOX - CxBx or XEMU?

    ok i got it. they are a bit different, so which games are best to try on justin?
  7. Best Emulator XBOX - CxBx or XEMU?

    [Hidden Content] i managed to find something . lol prob th same ones tht dont work, well see
  8. Best Emulator XBOX - CxBx or XEMU?

    MY XEMU FILES NOW DONT WORK? CAN SOMEBODY GIVE ME THE LINKS , i want to see how far xemu has come in emulation, justin said it not shit [Hidden Content] that link doesnt give u all the files.
  9. Best Emulator XBOX - CxBx or XEMU?

    I've had it going and none of the games listed work foR me, I think maybe after 2 months it must have improved(FOR U? AND OTHERS) Cxbx reloaded JUST WORKS FOR ME. I SEE NOW MORE GAMES WORK WITH IT justin so good for you.
  10. [EMU] PCSX2 P2IO Fork

    interesting tidbit Kelloggs Vs. Capcom and other fakes 🙃 [Hidden Content]
  11. [EMU] PCSX2 P2IO Fork

    coo list [Hidden Content] This hardware is based on Sony PlayStation 2
  12. Best Emulator XBOX - CxBx or XEMU?

    they'll all shit tbh but I got stawars working on CxBx xemu is total shit
  13. Teknoparrot Loader | Arcade PC

    I was thinking Game Loader All RH Jconfig or something