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  1. Starblazers, freedom fighterm, platoon, puss in boots, triad stone and many others use singe. These are not emulated games, but converted ones, a really different story.
  2. He already provides the user guide of singe 2.0. Whatsnew (shortly): * better sprite support (very good) * support of different video/audio formats (very good) What's missing: * drawing functions I am pretty sure the new audio/video system will eliminate the problems related to synchronism and wil permit full-hd and better, but the main problem with games like starblazers and freedom fighter is the need of drawing functions. The new sprite functions could replace the drawing ones but with the requirement of heavy programming work. The author of singe has since many yers a version with all the needed functions and use it for his wonderful conversions that are all private but you can see the videos on youtube.
  3. [Arcade PC] Star Blazers (LaserDisc)

    Hi, probably this was caused by two events occurred too near to each other. It's one of the weakness of singe, which doesn't happen very often. It is pratically unavoidable.
  4. [Arcade PC] Star Blazers (LaserDisc)

    The link is valid
  5. The program is searching that frame, so you must check the indexes... read carefully the docs
  6. I checked now, and there is a, mega - link, functional, where you download a torrent file. You must use that file.
  7. Ok, I have compared your files with mine... The quality is the same of the remastered versions that are available, the only difference is the glass breaking effect. I'cant upload my files, but in this page you will find the link to the restored versions in a very big archive: [Hidden Content]
  8. If I remember well, fast Draw Showdown has a vertical orientation.
  9. Thanks, tomorrow I will download the file. I have all the HD versions, remastered, of DL, MDMC and SA, but I don't have the mega space. I think I can provide a link for a 80gb torrent with these and more games.
  10. Hi, There are 720p high quality versions of MDMC 1&2 in this forum, could you please upload some samples of ps3 versions on mega? Of couse for LBH too... if the increase in quality is appreciable, I could do the conversions... BTW, use m2v dvd at maximum video quality.
  11. You need an application to convert analog joystick to mouse movements. Ds4 windows will permit to use the pad of ds4 as a mouse, for example. Joy2mouse is a free utility that will map your controls to mouse.... Or you can set dolphinbar in mouse control mode.
  12. I'm sorry, the game has moving targets that require mouse or lightgun 😔
  13. [Arcade PC] Platoon (LaserDisc)

    Crosshairs must be visible... Do you have loaded the archive before the last modify? It's not possible to hide crosshairs... of course if you haven't changed the folder's structure, but even in this situation it should give an error message. Have you changed samething in the configuration?
  14. Yes, check if you have downloaded it before the date of last edit.