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  1. You can use butterfly for that I already made a guide in the A20 post
  2. Kinda easy to use, you need your text file with the ID (your ea card) to play 1) Download and place the butterfly jar on desktop and then create a text file, put this line in the file: java -Ddb_path="C:\Users\XXXXX\Desktop\db.sqlite" -jar butterfly-1.1.0.jar *(Where XXXXX is the name of the user on your pc, ex=Bob) 2) Save the file as a .bat file and name it (ex=Server.bat). Then start it. (It will display a cmd prompt, it will be okay when "server started" appears. DON'T CLOSE CMD) 2.5) For the config of the game, in the ea_config file, you need to set the server url to: [Hidden Content] Also remember to enable the Numpad on spicecfg or btools config, also referencing your ea card location 3) Run the game and press the + in the numpad, register your username, pin and location and let's DDR 😏
  3. I will be very greatful if you share the data
  4. Thanks a lot mate, a "remember" to the DDR series
  5. Thanks a lot mate, I was wondering if this song was available. Thanks again for sharing