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  1. Actually it's the HVG version. Both in 720 and 1080p. Really good versions. DL1 does exist in BRD, but was never released in 4:3 (it is cropped to reach 16:9), so the version of HVG is the best possible available. I have it of course so i could upload, but it's not mine. I would prefer him to reupload. Daphne was designed for 4:3. It does handle 16:9 too, but mainly works more "natively" in 4:3. Anyway, the 16:9 versions for SA, DL, DL2 are cropped, which is not respectful of the original work, so you're right to search those one (and i may add that the playability is better, because sometimes, you're missing essential informations on the upper part of the movie).
  2. Not that easy. It usually requires several softwares to have the files in the good state (Make MKV, Handbrake, MKVExtract, Rename Bulk utility), and then i edit them a bit, which is long (denoising is really long).
  3. You know, everything is doable. The core of Titan was made in one week (mostly nights). Then i decided to add things in the code and it went differently but still, creating a game is really quick.
  4. Here it is : [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content]
  5. You mean the part which is down left ? No idea of the size of this one ?
  6. Disons que les versions anciennes étaient parfaites pour du CRT, mais qu'avec les écrans d'aujourd'hui, cela souffre un peu. Après, ce sont les roms d'origine, donc le jeu est à l'identique (même si j'ai quelque chose de spécial pour DL2 dans les cartons). A noter que dans les nouveaux jeux que j'ai réalisé (Fire & Ice et Titan A.E), tu peux choisir ton réglage après un échec (y compris le réglage Space Ace).
  7. Yes tou can find it on this forum. A really good job. Fun fact: DL1 was never released on BRD 4:3. And nobody knows why...
  8. Mash is pressing the action several times (quickly).
  9. Files are now updated. Please check the first post.
  10. This is in the todo list. I will do at some point.
  11. Hi everyone, The files have been updated, please check the first post.
  12. [Arcade PC] Star Blazers (LaserDisc)

    Thank you for using my work. Great job.
  13. You are more than welcome of course