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  1. posYup text is the vertical position of the upper line (level) posYdowntext is the vertical position of the lower line (lives, credits, etc) posY LCD is the vertical position of the LCD (scrolling text)
  2. It is already uploaded. It's in the singe directory.
  3. Ok, So look into init_Job for the Y value of those elements and in the different draw_xxx for the X value.
  4. Good question. I don't use this front end. I assume it does something to the resolution, so the arrows are not well placed. Changing this is doable of course, with some tweekings. Everything is in the main.singe file Buttons and text Search in the function init_Job Arrows. Search for the funtions called "reset_Arrows" Lives in the function draw_Lives level : draw_Lvl Scenes : draw_Scene Score : draw_Score
  5. Well, i just received a video of someone finishing the game with just one credit (and thus accessing the secret level). Impressive ! Congratulations to Sinver76 !
  6. I'm working on new things (among them one with the great Dex77). One of them is nearly ready but i'm moving house actually so it's slower than expected (that is also why the tutorial is not released). But you can expect new things soon.
  7. Thank you Don't forget you can access to the various chapters with the menu (key 9).
  8. I know this video. Probably but a different matter cause it's basically a mouse game and it needs specific coding. Someone already did it but never released it. Maybe someday i'll give it a try. But the day job is demanding The overlay might be a problem too cause singe is not perfect for this. Daphne and singe are static since many years. Too bad cause they are way of improvement. Matt did an incredible work though and Fire and Ice wouldn't exist without him.
  9. In fact it depends on a lot of things. On my 4K TV, -fullscreen has no sound. If it works for you, then great. For the others : note that fullscreen_window (the better option) may be too wide for your screen. That's a Windows PPP issue. To correct this you need to right click on Daphne.exe, then Properties, then Compatibility, then click on the "Modify high PPP" button and tick "Replace parameters for Application", then Apply. This should do the work.
  10. Thank you ! The link for 16/9 is now ready...
  11. Too bad you cant find them... We could have done something cool !
  12. Great idea ! As for your releases, i've got them all great work !!!
  13. And for those waiting, i'll try to relase the full Fire & Ice game tonight.