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  1. So i found the (small) bug pointed by gig and corrected it : - strange behavior of the game when death rewind is on "Last Move" and Extra Movie on "Ready/Death" or "All". Sorry about this, but there are so many options in the script that it's difficult to test all of them I've updated the main script to 2.21a (and also the games, but it's not a very important to upgrade if you don't plan to mess with the extra movie options) If you're currently developping a Singe Game you're strongly encouraged to replace your main.singe with this 2.21a file. [Hidden Content] Thank you gig for pointing this problem!
  2. I'd say that probably you had a 2.20 template for the game file and not 2.21 (not talking about the big script, but the game script). To be sure, you can still download the blank. singe and check that all the lines in there are well included in your game script (PERFECTBONUS was added in 2.21).
  3. I'll have a look. I thought you said it was when you set extra movie to "all", not "ready/death" IF you need to send me things, yes you can.
  4. Yeah you can ask anything (i also speak french) I'm here to help. Please report any bug. I think (only my memory) random is by level. Can you explain the extra movies behavior in your case please ?
  5. Yeah probably. Do you have this line in the game script ? PERFECTBONUS = 10000 Should be line 66 You can still send me the game for testing.
  6. Hello, Someone reported this to me. Apparently it is linked to 2.21 version cause 2.2 doesn't do this. On the other hand i can't reproduce this bug at home. EDIT: Ok, i've got it. It has to do with the trophy system. So for a quick fix please open trophy.singe in script and change : BeatLevelWithOneLife(3) AND BeatLevelWithOneLife(5) with BeatLevelWithOneLife(1) Actually the reason is simple. This file is looking level 3 and 5 and don't find them...
  7. If i remember it well, the SAE rom make use of the difficulty levels like it was intended by the creators (but not implemented) - Easy has less moves (for example no drills i think) - Normal is..well normal - Difficult has more move, meaning that when you can transform into Ace you play both scenes anyway (Ace and Kid).
  8. Thank you. I will watch it. it's always ggod to learn new things. But first we don't really "work" for Singe. It's just a hobby for all of us and i'm not better than anyone at it. Actually i made the tutorial to make it possible for anyone to create its own game (and i encourage you to try it). Second, even if it's easy, time is lacking. As everyone, I've got a day job and also other hobbies (music). I've concentrated all my efforts around Singe 2 for a time and will certainly do it again in the future, but for now i'm having a break cause work is demanding (music too Apart from this, there's not always a Blu-Ray (Titan is a good example).
  9. 480p versions are made for people playing with 4/3 resolution with an old PC (old arcade for example). I won't claim it's a perfect solution but an in-between. This is a hobby so I can't make one version for everyone. But anyone can grab the original file i made and transform it the best way for him. Actually the most important thing in this 4/3 version is the overlay dir which is downsized to fit 480p.
  10. This is a only for the singe version. In the regular version you can't have arrows and words.
  11. Sorry but i don't have those versions anymore. Singe 1 is now deprecated (not my choice) and i don't have those versions anymore. But you should ask; maybe someone has kept them.
  12. Thank you. This is a lot of efforts but i don't regret them when i read such comments
  13. Thank you for the info but could you show me a screen capture ? Because i've got several testers for 4:3 and they did not experienced this. For them it's a normal 4:3.