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  1. I don't understand the question so i guess the answer is no. Edit ah ok, i saw them. I guess it's a mega glitch. Not important.
  2. Hi all Sorry, another minor correction regarding High scores (not the correct version of high score displaying / updating in some cases). Link to the script (same story, it's updated on Mega, you don't need to apply it if you download the update now) [Hidden Content]
  3. Probably. I've tested all games and they are working. Could you launch the game, preferably not fullscreen, removing the -z from the bat. This line for example: Start Singe.exe -k -x 1920 -y 1080 -e 60 -d Fire_and_Ice/Index -v Fire_and_Ice/Movie/FaI.mp4 Fire_and_Ice/Fire_and_Ice_v2.singe Then tell me which message you've got in the console.
  4. HI all, Someone signaled me a minor (non blocking) bug: survivor mode + in game difficulty selection gave more than 1 life. Here is a correction of the script : [Hidden Content] I corrected all the links, so if you download the update now, it's corrected already.
  5. No each game has its own file. The game engine is the same for all games (and will go to Singe/Script), but configurations files and of course game script depends on the game.
  6. Hi Everyone, Time for an update! So, the LUA Engine goes to 3.23 with some new features. This small (less than 800k) update will concern all the QTE games (except DL2e). New features: - Advanced Menu: The menu is now divided in 2 tabs, one for gaming options and the other one for graphics. For exemple you can now change directly the color and size of the text or the place of various elements (score, lives,...) - New gaming mode: Survivor is now available in the menu (under Game type). Very simple mode. One life, no continue, no save and a dedicated High Score. It's a Die and no retry, so at least games are quick - Revamped PATH action. i did this mainly for the future but PATH no integrate some optional transition frames you can play between moves. - Revamped QUiT. You can now go back to the game if there was a mistake. - Better integration of some sequences of video (like Continue/Game over). - Several graphic improvements for the intro menu (for example Intro menu takes into account the fact there are trophies or not) - Quit action for the menu. - As usual few minor bug corrections. So, to install, you can just grab this link and paste the content in the directory where the games are, it will update the engine too: [Hidden Content] All the games (and Singe) from now are all updated to 3.23, so you don't need to update if you download them today. The tutorial has been updated too. So have fun, and tell me if you've got any problem. New (somewhat) game coming soon.
  7. Ok apparently you're running an old version (dbecause map.singe doesn't exist anymore). You could redownload from the first page (both singe and the game) But just wait for one day or two, i've got a new update coming very soon anyway that will refresh all games..
  8. That's unlikely for now. Games with sprites are a different matter. There are certainly emulators for this ?
  9. Actually it's pretty normal. From version 3.21 the "engine" for all games (not DL2e and shooting games of course) is unified. So the main.singe, as all the .singe files goes into Singe/Script Here is a direct link to the Script directory, put it in the Singe directory. [Hidden Content]
  10. By the way i realized i've done this some time ago. Here is the link: [Hidden Content]
  11. Of course it works, but i suggest you download it from the Singe page which has the newest version (and 2 extra levels). The links are on the first topic. If you need help just ask.
  12. Thank you. These are not really sound issues. In fact the game jumps to the next move and, if moves are close, sometimes it means that he reads twice. It could be arranged but with a price (time). For MD1 i had more time
  13. Stretching is bad BUt maybe that's an acceptable solution (and anyway, the only way to have 16/9) for some.
  14. The reason forthis is that those games (F&I) Lupin are based on a 16/9 source. I did nothing to adapt them, there is no 2:35 for those.