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  1. Start + Select actually works for quitting the game (at least i can tell for my games, probably not for ALG). Like i said it is hardcoded.
  2. You mean you want other than Start+Select ? This particular thing is doable. Start+Select is "hardcoded" in the LUA script. It's not a function of Singe, so if you change the key/button for start or the key/button for select it'll work the same but with your new keys. Note that it will still be Start+Select,but elsewhere which may not help. Other ways to quit are Esc key, (and even Q i think).
  3. No. You can assign several keys to the same function. (for example Left control or Enter for action) For more complex things the simpler way is to use JoyToKey. That's what i do in my arcade which has'nt Xinput. Ive got an ahk script launching JoyToKey (configurated for Singe) when i launch a Singe game and exiting it afterwards. What are you trying to do ?
  4. Ah ok, that's why. In that case bigger fonts need to be reduced yes (i thought it was HD 4/3). This line fontsize = XX can be inserted in any game if there is a problem (i don't have a 480p cab so i can't correct the values).
  5. Perfect solution, but what is the resolution of your monitor ?
  6. I tested the 4/3 with no problem, so i'm curious, how did you solved this ?
  7. For both (Cliff and DL2): You've got probably an in-between version. My small update works providing you've got the good graphic files. Redownload complete (or at least the overlay and maybe cfg directories) and you'll be ok.
  8. 77/100 is not a bad score. v2 is harder than v1 indeed, but you're not that far. Actually 3% more and you enter your name The behavior is normal. In percent mode you play only 1 level of your choice (you make the choice of level in the option menu "Starting Level").
  9. The frame picture just annouce the secret level. The overlay will call it "secret level" automatically. In the blank script, the secret level is at the end (levelext). If you fill this one with moves and declare that you have a secret level at the beginning of the script, then it works automatically.
  10. Thank you; No french version for now. Maybe one day but that's not really high on the list cause it's new edit. That said if someone wants to do it, i'm fully open to the idea. For ALG, you've got to ask Poiu.
  11. No it doesn't. You need Singe for making those things. The original roms are real roms, impossible to change.
  12. Hi, So, as promised, it's time for the final update for those 8 games (or at least i hope so). This is a script update with many little changes for all games. They pass to v2.2 (except DL2 which is a standalone. It goes to 2.0). All the games of the first post have already been updated. So if you download them after i posted this, you don't need to do anything else, you're in 2.2 (if you're not sure, open any file in the script directory, it should be numbered 2.2). If you have downloaded them previously, then i prepared a directory with all the changed files. Here is the link : [Hidden Content] Just put in the content in the singe directory and replace all the files. You're done. Most of the changes are minor so i won't explain all of them, but one is a small novelty: i added 2 more modes for the overlay resolution. Those modes are "Basic Hi" and "Basic Lo" ("Hi" and "Lo" are still possible). If you choose one of these modes, then the overlay will be simpler. This means that during play, the overlay will only print the moves and not the score and lives. The latter will only appear during cutscenes (death for example). These changes has several benefits: - Lower charge on CPU (just because there are less things to draw) - Less distraction on screen (only the video and the moves) - Some might find it more beautiful (i personnaly think it is) Anyway, it's your choice to use it or not. Also, i promised a last surprise and here it is: a new "rom" for Fire & Ice This new Rom does not replace the old version. It's just a v2 (i'll try to explain later) and you can still launch v1 after the update. This is done by creating another singe file but using the same video and overlay, and this is why i call it "new rom". Now why ? F&I is the game that started all this FMV adventure for me. It was like 15 months ago and i still can't believe what the whole thing has become in the meantime. Now there is Singe 2, seven(!) more games, plus all the cool games and conversions made by Poiu and others. But at some point, doing Mononoke and SuckerPunch, adding some new cool concepts like HOLD, SHOOT, improving the mash for longer durations and also understanding the whole concept of placing frames better, i began to wonder how F&I would change with all of this. For example, when i made it, i was really cool with the first level cause i wanted it to be a kind of tutorial. But on the other hand i thought i owed a lot to this particular level, cause that's the part of the movie that haunted me when i decided to try to create a singe game. So i took everything from the beginning, changed a few moves, tightening others and went to the end pretty fast (after all, there was no editing). So, this v2 has now 604 moves instead of 507 with all the novelties cited above. The game is more difficult than v1, but not as difficult as Mononoke or Sucker Punch. I think it's a very good version, and i'm glad i did it (and enjoyed replaying it), but you'll decide which you prefer since now you have both. A last quick note about the new gaming mode (Percent) cause i think i did not communicated enough about it. You may access it through the option menu (by changing the game type to "Percent") So this new mode allows you to play a full level without dying. If you miss a move, you'll simply hear a "bad" sound but you will continue to play until the end. At the end, you will see your evaluation as a percentage and, if you're good enough, you will enter your name in high scores (there is one high score per level, plus of course the regular high score for normal game play) As i said, this mode is a really good trainer, but also, and that's the most important, a fun way to play whatever your skills are. My testers just love it, so i hope you'll give it a try. That's it. Of course i'm still around here to answer questions, but normally you won't have to make upgrades anymore for those games. Thanks for your patience! Have fun with the games! Note: the blank file has been updated to 2.2 also and the tutorial too.
  13. Never heard of. But most MSX games are really easily emulated. Including Laserdisk. I think there's even a Esh version.