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  1. Forgive my translation, it is not about buying only the dongle and voila, you must know a lot about programming, from what I have heard from various sources the game is encrypted by some algorithm that the dongle itself decrypts, but the game also does verifications of hardware to validate that it is an original machine and there it allows the code to be completely deciphered, it is quite difficult friend to free it.
  2. Offline files, please can you re-upload them.
  3. Excellent work friend, I also use hyperspin and it is greatly appreciated to be able to add new material to our macas
  4. I already did but it keeps pulling me out of the game. same thanks
  5. Can you be more specific on how to do it? Thank you
  6. [Arcade PC] Savage Quest

  7. good to all, the link is down, could be re-uploaded, thanks