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  1. What kind of Arcade controlers most of you use on your arcade Build please connected on the Taito X3 X4
  2. you mean to use this with Artax V4 multi ? to be able to boot easily from a PC ?
  3. Does it is important that the hard drive is SSD ? mine is USB but not easy to boot ...
  4. If it work with Brook as i'm thinking it could be great for PC users in this case . Sometimes it won't boot easily and that's boring , it is a No UEFI boot ,SE System ?
  5. Does someone know what kind of control panel ( Joystick + Buttons ) could work correctly with this compilation ? There is certainely a kind of encoder USB that could work or an other system maybe ?
  6. Your Vieliw panel control with Joystick and buttons are in Jamma connection ? To make work all games with Arcade Controls they need to be with Fast I/O i read onside the Menu games.
  7. Yes i found Legecay mode Enable for USB ...Strange , i'm able to make work this compilation on my Asus Rog G20 and can't on my ASUS G21 //// I let it down as it work fine with the Bios of my Asus G20 i5 , But the Control Panel with Joystick and Buttons that are connect to the USB encoder Brooks don't work fine with this compilation ...only Joystick work no Buttons at all . Does someone know What coul dwork for a PC to use Joysticks and Buttons to be able to play with all games as a Fast I/O with TTX3 please .I read that with Fast I/O connection to TTX3 all games on this compilation could works ,hope to be able to do the same with a PC . Other things , Does the Two players mode is possible for those games like SFV , Tekken and others ? Thank you for your support , i just discover this compilation and it is damn good !!
  8. Does someone can tell me the Boot line inside this compilation maybe , the Path ...
  9. All USB boot are on Legacy,don't know how to see it .
  10. As This TTX3 is not UEFI i don't see this one for boot in ,i add Batocera Bootable HD compilation and i'm able to boot ( UEFI OS WD )
  11. The Bios ask me to enter the boot option in format .efi
  12. On my second Asus Pc ,when inside the Bios i search to Boot on this compilation but it ask me to enter the File Path to Boot , Does someone know wich line to enter please .