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  1. @mamefan2018 @ducon2016 I just tested both of your updated patches for the MK2 start new game card fix, and they both work OK here. Can confirm for me that MK2 US and MK2 JP no longer have the issue of automatically selecting NO card after you continue. Awesome work!!
  2. Doesn't work for me... funnily enough i am using the same 10_02_2023 build, so i grabbed the newest one. If i just drop the new exe into the old folder, it makes no difference. It i try and setup a fresh portable install using the new files only, i can't get passed insert card before the game starts. If I copy the TRIFORCE folder from my old 10/02/0223 install to this new one then i can get the game to start, but same results as before... card fix at tend of game works and then when you start a second game, it goes directly to the NO for card scan on second game. I wonder if it's something to do with teh files in TRIFORCE folder... what's different about your "clean build you were using".... because my clean build i created from the new download didn't fix it.I wonder if there's something you'd already done in your clean build? A mixture of the new exe and something else? I'm only testing on the US version, because i know it works well. I can apply the new fixes and they do what they're supposed to, 1 gets you past the remove card error, and the other gets you past the game over screen hang. Either way... fresh install gets stuck before game at insert card, if i use the TRIFORCE folder from the old install, i get the automatically selecting NO to card after the first game.
  3. I have a very clean setup, each game has it's own portable install with only the patches needed, so no extra stuff. I tested it just using his .ini posted above and it still has the same issue on the US gp2 game. So i can replicate your results. The fix that stops the game from hanging at game over is working on both version, it seems there might be another issue with the reloading of card after playing a game. going to try a few different iso My iso
  4. Thanks for this!! I just tested it.. I'm not sure if it's just me, but it behaves a little odd. It does in fact fix the end of game save screen where it used to hang, and goes back to title now, but when you try to start a game again, it behaves weird, the second game will always auto select no card as soon as you start it. First game works fine, select don't continue, game over screen, second game start and no card auto gets selected. I tried it a few times to make sure it wasn't some sort of double input i was doing, but it seems tobe consistent. Little tedious to test, select the first race in the bowser cup, it's got a short timer to let run out. Curious if anyone else has the same issue or if it's just me? EDIT: I can confirm i get the same issue with the non JP version of the GP2, it has the same behaviour. Also i learned if you hold tab the game goes really fast so you test much easier!
  5. Thanks for your work on these fixes! It just gets better and better!!! I tested and confirmed that the fixes work for MKGP 1 = ALL OK! MKGP 2 US = ALL OK The card save hang fix for MKGP 2 doesn't work on the Japanese version. It causes an error on race start. MKGP 2 JP = not working So MKGP 1+2 work fine, can save, end game, continue without issue. The Japanese version of MKGP2, it errors on race start when i try to use the card save hang fix. Maybe it will require a new patch like the other fixes are different for the JP version. The announcer in JP version is so much better! This is the code i tried on JP version [OnFrame_Enabled] $Card Save Hang Fix [OnFrame] $Card Save Hang Fix 0x8024995c:dword:0x408200b4 If you are interested in taking a look and need the game link, let me know.
  6. You use the latest version from crediar site https://crediar.dev/crediar Builds are under tools.
  7. Fzero 4:3 mode against 16:9 to show that it is in fact a wider FOV and not stretched (3d elements)
  8. Thanks again for all your work on these, i just got around to updating the final patches you made for monster ride and it works a treat, so so much easier than that setup i had going before. 16:9 also works on monster ride, but damned if i know how to create a gecko patch so i just patch the dol and it works fine. Exact same results as fzero and mario kart, correct AR 16:9 rendered 3d, with 2d assets stretched. 10/10 your contribution to triforce emulation, even though you didnt make the emulator, you gave us all these patches and fixes to make the games play easier and better. I set them all up on my frontend and they all play amazing now. 💯
  9. I'm sure you already tried it, but just in case, for the 11th gen i9 make sure you've done this, it might fix it, but probably won't. Had to do it on my 11th gen i5.
  10. Awesome awesome work! It worked on 20/Jan build, but there was some tricky thing needed with IP addresses to get it booting, that was the one i had it working on. I'll test out the patch later with the newer Dolphin builds!
  11. @argonlefou when you use the method we discussed, and i'm not sure if it's really exclusive to that, you lose the left channel sound. If you play the first stage, you can hear it in there, sound cuts in and out at the start, it happens in most stages periodically. You can also go into test menu and goto sound test, it swaps left to right... left is dead. Game was released 2004, so it's probably XP based. I tried many things in Win 10 OS to bring it back but nothing worked. I'd say something to do with that left and right being 2 different machines, and the fact that one whole channel of sound is missing, maybe the game had some sound wrapper software doing something tricky on the OS.
  12. https://forums.dolphin-emu.org/Thread-how-to-make-dolphin-portable
  13. You can get it to work better by hex resolution patching the exe to a higher 4:3 res & using dgvoodoo with no resolution change, but just lettting it wrap the dx calls. You still have to do the "press windows key and then alt tab a few times to get it to show up correctly" The only issue is, your controls wrapper is for some reason locked to 640x480 regardless of what res you patch it to. I know you said it wasn't, but that's what happens when you hex edit for resolution. It's pretty easy to hex patch, the native res you are looking for is 640x480. If you want me to send you the res patch offsets, let me know, i can redo it tomorrow and cmake note of what they are.
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