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  1. Never had this issue. Try it on all the different USB ports. As you turn the unit on, just hold the alt and ctrl keys (keep holding) (hold the ones on the right of the keyboard) and keep pressing the F9 button quickly. That's how i get in all the time. Im pretty sure the left ALT +CTRL should work as well, but i always use the ones on the reight side of the keyboard. If all else fails then try another keyboard. You should see the password box pretty quickly after that.
  2. 1 stick works as well, i've used that method to test as well. It's an easy way to troubleshoot ram issues. If you keep an eye on here (and you buy from japan), the TWIN FROZR 680 cards pop up from time to time. The good thing about those is they only require 2 x 6 pin power connectors, which the TTX3 has, some of the 680 cards require a 6 pin and an 8 pin... which means you need a 6>8 pin adaptor... i know they are cheap, but drop in is nice as well. [Hidden Content] I've also managed to get the zotac black plastic cooler cards working as well, but the cooling on those cards is a bit crap. Or get them local for cheaper shipping! I'll test one of my broken fan cards tomorrow with some working fans.... i'll be sad if all of those cards that the fans don't work are actually broken cards and not just the fans!
  3. @zetsurin Only 1 fan spinning on your card is definitely not normal. I have a bunch of TWIN FROZR 660gtx cards here that do the same, some with completely dead fans, some where only 1 works, some where both fans will spin hard for 2 seconds when you power on the system and then they both stop and never come back until next reboot where they do the same thing. One of my cards does the fast fan speed when you turn it on, but then only one of the fans keeps on working. Those 660 cards do run reaasonably cool though, try and run SF5 or samsho 2019, and put your hand behind the exhaust fan at the back, you'll feel the heat start to generate. I purchased 1 set of new fans but they haven't arrived yet... they aren't exactly the cheapest... I just upgrade my cards to 680gtx cards for better performance anyways. Rebooting from the bios like that is not normal either. The bios has an auto reboot timer in it if you sit there idle for around 2/3(can't remember exactly) minutes it will shut down the system and reboot, but not quickly like you are describing. It's designed so if the operator leaves the system in the bios, it will auto shutdown to log it out after time. The CPU's generally run pretty cool, even under load. I would focus on the bios reboots... it shouldn't be doing that. If you think it's ram, just try 2 sticks in 2 of the slots, then try the other 2 sticks in the other 2 slots, see if you can stop the bios reboots, as least it's an easy way to check if it's fixed. IS your CPU fan 4 pin? There could be some logic built in there around controlling the fan speed, and if you are using a 3 pin fan it might be triggering it, but who knows really. I'd exclude ram and video card first if you can use another NON EUFI video card to test, if you have one available. Hard to really tell though, i have 2 faulty motherboards here as well, one doesn't boot at all, the other just hangs and does weird stuff regularly. Just make sure, between power downs that the power lights go out on the small IO card on the back. If you try to power down, and then power back on before those lights go out, then the unit seems to save the previous state it was in, and if it had hung for some reason, sometimes not letting it power down properly it gets stuck in this hung state. It takes between 5/10 seconds for those lights to go out.
  4. Make sure the CPU heatsink has been cleaned out and you re-applied thermal paste to the CPU. The cpu heat sink is pretty much always clogged when you get these units. Also make sure the fans on the video card are spinning, they often die on those 660 cards. I also dismantle and re-apply thermal grease to the GPU, they are ALWAYS completely dry. The CPU heatsink often looks like this.
  5. Correct. It's unlocked on mine.
  6. I worked out how to get ChaseHQ2 and Wacky Races to work. You just have to have internet plugged in to the TTX3 unit. If there's no internet for some reason those games don't boot, plug internet in and they work. I'm guessing it has something to do with the cabinet linking check at the start. Pretty sure neither of these early games require internet, so it most likely has something to do with being able to get past the cabinet linking screen where it hangs on boot.
  7. Something odd with keyboard layouts. Just do this... On Windows desktop, you need to run fastio.exe, it should be in the attract mode folder, i think that folder is called AM. Make sure this is running, it should have a black command prompt window just idle on the screen. Now open Notepad, when you press buttons on your cab, it should be typing stuff, you can see what the mappings are set to. This way you can check to make sure you know exactly what key commands are being sent to the system when you change language. It seems most of the games use jconfig for controls or rconfig, which means you can just go into that folder and change the key mappings easily. But you need to verify what keys are being sent to your system through the fastio.exe based on your windows keyboard layout settings.
  8. For Guilty Gear XRD and SIGN, goto \engine\config\BaseSystemSettings.ini Set line 62 and 63 to the res you want. ResX1920 ResY 1080 or whatever desktop resolution you are running. Those 2 games can be hard set to your screen resolution. I had to set them to 1080p to make them work with my install. I think they just fail if you have them set to a different resolution from your desktop.
  9. Nice pickup!! I don't use write filter on my system because i always use shutdown properly button combo.
  10. You're welcome, glad you got it working! (you were probably doing it right all along, just not correct explorer.exe file!)
  11. Here you go. c:\windows\explorer.exe c:\windows\system32\cmd.exe [Hidden Content]
  12. 10 minutes, i will upload the explorer.exe for you that i copied to mine. It works OK.
  13. Yes, what you are showing is correct. This should now work in TTX3 when you try to boot. It will boot whatever you set the shell to be on startup.
  14. Yeah, the instruction is not clear. You need to goto TTX3-SOFTWARE in your picture, NOT SOFTWARE!! In this image I load the hive as TTXMULTI see the image, follow the path like the image. [Hidden Content]
  15. Sorry, the instruction is a little bit unclear. When you load the hive for TTX3 MULTI, the path given was confusing and sort of incorrect. Follow the picture. [Hidden Content]