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  1. Maybe try to launch joytokey with admin privileges?
  2. Like 10 years ago, I made an arcade like version of zorton brothers with flash cs6 I think, using the videos from the msdos version. For the hitzones, with flash I could make transparent movies with the lenght of the video secuences, and contained moving hitboxes which supperposed to the film. So when a new video secuence was loaded, the hitbox sequence with same name loaded automatically. It had more "graphic work" as I had to adjust all hitboxes position size and movement manually, using interpolations.
  3. Alg games need the new main.singe too? I ask because they are way different to the rest.
  4. Teknoparrot Loader | Arcade PC

    Hi! I remember having problems with Elevator Action Dp using an Ati card ( it crashed in the "Now loading" screen), but solved installing Nvidia PhysX.
  5. yes thanks, but I I suppose these values in globals.singe links to controls.cfg in some way, true? The question is how? is it defined somewhere? Anyway, I got it
  6. Hi! I'm modifing Crime Patrol to prepare it as Argon will need to add rawinput, I already done for Action Max, that although it didn't support 2 simultaeous players, the code was smaller and easier to me for testing. I want to use this input in controls.cfg: INPUT_ACTION_4 = { SCANCODE.RSHIFT, GAMEPAD_0.BUTTON_Y, MOUSE_0.BUTTON_X1 } but in globals.singe I have this: SWITCH_UP = 0 SWITCH_LEFT = 1 SWITCH_DOWN = 2 SWITCH_RIGHT = 3 SWITCH_START1 = 4 SWITCH_START2 = 5 SWITCH_BUTTON1 = 6 SWITCH_BUTTON2 = 7 SWITCH_BUTTON3 = 8 SWITCH_COIN1 = 9 SWITCH_COIN2 = 10 SWITCH_SKILL1 = 11 SWITCH_SKILL2 = 12 SWITCH_SKILL3 = 13 SWITCH_SERVICE = 14 SWITCH_TEST = 15 SWITCH_RESET = 16 SWITCH_SCREENSHOT = 17 SWITCH_QUIT = 18 SWITCH_PAUSE = 19 SWITCH_CONSOLE = 20 so the question is, how can I add SWITCH_BUTTON4 and link to INPUT_ACTION_4? Thanks
  7. Thanks! what forum are you refering to?
  8. Hi Karis! I asked Argon and he say this: So to make it quick, the minimum feature I'd need is a game handling separate coordinates for players.Even if they are mapped to the same device by default (like Demul is doing with the mouse), they have to be 2 different things in the code/engine/game/program I'll look myself, but do you think singe2 have any limitation with this? In some file I have seens references to Mouse 1, mouse2, mouse3... Because singe2 engine works with dinput, or I'm wrong? Do you know? Thanks!
  9. I just made a test, and asked Argon what would he need to add Rawinput. I added functions and graphics for p2, not finished, but maybe he can this way say what he need. If you want to take a look, I have been testing with Crime Patrol 1, just overwrite: Crime_Patrol_Singe_2_2p.zip
  10. I have just read somebody asked Demulshooter's author for adding 2 lightgun support in singe2, maybe you can talk with him to do it. I can help with the overlays and graphics works if you need. Tomorrow I can share you Crime patrol overlays exactly like the originals, with p2s included, if you want to try.
  11. Yes, I think it's usefull. I think I found a bug, at least in Crime Patrol: When you spend all continues in a gameplay, and you let the records screen pass without adding a name, the crosshair of this screen stays and you can't insert coin or shoot.
  12. Ok thanks Karis I see what you say. Good to know!
  13. I don't understand what you say, but can test, in which script should I add this? For me overlay resizes fine, the problem was the size of the images themselves. The other problem I commented before: Maybe is because of some type of dither you add when resizing?
  14. Yes, I know. But where are the overlay images size and position defined? I have seen the overlays in arrays in globals.singe, but I can't find size and position. Thanks