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  1. None of the versions work unfortunately ....
  2. Almost the same setup, except GTX1060 6GB ..
  3. I think i've read through the whole thread and cant find an obvious answer, the game starts, I get the splash screen but then a black screen using jconfig ... Is there a simple fix i've missed ? Thanks
  4. Which jconfig are you talkngn about ? Is there a new version ? Does it include saving ?
  5. you lose them straight away, each time TP starts it checks the license, it may continue to work offline though ..
  6. Hide the mouse pointer with nomousy, use an aimtrak works fine for me in Rambo and HOTD4 Transformers plays all the way through for me Haven't played ABC through.. If you haven't as has been mentioned before raise the issues on the github ...
  7. We've had this argument over and over, its simple you don't have to pay any money and you use the non-patreon version, the fact that only they are cracking and providing a loader for the game means they absolutely can charge for it, the money from patreon means they continue to work on the loader ... I understand its frustrating, either wait for the non-patreon release or pay for it, I pay because I support the work they are doing, doesn't mean I agree with the way releases come out, the poor QA, terrible UI etc.. But without TP I wouldn't be playing Transformers, VT4, Sega Rally 3, Rambo, HOTD4, Under Defeat HD+ etc ...
  8. Loads of tutorials and guides here [Hidden Content]
  9. There is a dedicated thread for GameLoaderALLRH - [Hidden Content] The readme txt file on the 1st page should be the latest readme from the most recent version (currently 334), this lists all supported games, and HD patches if available. This can also be generated from within the Game Loader Config exe
  10. Yes, use xpadder, joy2key or a ahk script .. All reports suggest yes ...
  11. Ok i'm willing to help, which is the official compatibility list ? and how do I get access ?
  12. Thank you for comparing TP to rpsc3 .. which supports 1337 games. TP could fix all their problems, by firstly having a compatibility list that was remotely accurate - [Hidden Content]#, why not copy exactly the same process as RPSC3, anyone could easily then see what works, what is work in progress and what is broken. However for you buddies working on TP this wouldn't work because each new release they break something that was previously working, plus the compatibility list is a work of fiction ... If they had QA, regression tested every release and then fixed any regression bugs we would be much more supportive... its mind blowing that progress for them is adding new games and not bothering to fix reported issues with older games .. If I thought there was any chance of something getting fixed I'd happily report it, however they'll just break it next release anyway ... Finally since when was TP an emulator ?
  13. [Hidden Content] - What you posted is not a changelog ! There is no mention of the fix in the issues list or the release notes, not sure how exactly anyone is supposed to find what you posted without reading every single code change ... There coding hygiene is poor, QA is non-existent and release schedule haphazard, however we can all agree when it works TP is a fantastic effort that allows many of use to experience Arcade Games we would never be able to play.. Lets just agree to disagree and got on with our lives ..