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  1. Game Loader All Rh

    You will need to try a few combinations, using the file linked above, use the jconfig.exe and the idMacX32.dll and place those both in the game directory, you will also need the GameLoadeALLRH files, there should be three of those, the loader itself, an installed and a config file. Run the GameLoaderALLRH Installer first Run GameLoaderALLRH Config next, set the resolutions, freeplay etc. Run jconfig.exe, configure your controls, Player 1 and 2, credits, coin and Start buttons Run GameLoadeALLRH.exe The game should run and hopefully the controls all work as expected. If GameLoader starts but errors out, try changing some of the resolution options (tab2) and try again If GameLoader starts but the controls dont work, then you could try a different version of IDMac and/or jconfig Give it a try, its a bit hit and miss as there aren't many tutorials about, have a look in the tutorials forum at some of the threads that @linglang has created, there are steo by step guides in there. GameLoaderALLRH Tutorial [Hidden Content]
  2. Game Loader All Rh

    Re run the installer and choose portable, this will save the settings locally in each game folder, portable mode works great ...
  3. It's a stupid decision, it's almost like the coders working on this have never released a piece of software before, understood UI design, or attempted any type of QA. Having an auto update, without regression testing, or the ability to roll back is short-sighted. This is constructive feedback, I love the fact that TP exists, that GameLoaderALLRH is a thing, that I can use an aimtrak gun and have a full functional NesicaXLive frontend, however will someone please test their changes, release new builds for download and allow rollback. At this stage it would be easier if they just released a build of TP per game, that way nothing breaks, we update what we need when we need ...
  4. I recommend GameLoaderALLRH to load all Taito Type-X and Nesica games [Hidden Content] Essentially all these games are PC based, they dont need emulation as such, they are running natively, however they need loaders to bypass various protections. See here for more details - [Hidden Content] NesicaXLive is a japanese only arcade system that provided a rental service for Arcade Operators, the customer could choose the game from a menu system [Hidden Content] There are also games bases on Sega Hardware (again PC based), ringedge, ringwide etc - These need Tecknoparrott to run, again the game themselves arent emulated, however various functions are by TecknoParrot.
  5. [Hidden Content] for no mouse patches ..
  6. Game Loader All Rh

    Its not designed for Windows PC games, that will be the reason its breaks things .. afaik its ArcadePC titles only, read the exe.list file for compatibility ..
  7. Fantastic, i'll give a try shortly ...
  8. Thanks for the help, do I put the line in like this ? # Generated by Attract-Mode v2.5.1 # executable cmd args /c "[romfilename]" rompath C:\Attract\game\nesica romext .lnk;.bat;.exe system Nesica info_source steam nb_mode_wait 5 exit_hotkey Escape non blocking mode wait 10 or non_blocking_mode_wait 10 ??
  9. Yes, Typextra is fine for a PC, I have Vewlix L cabinet with integrated PC, so I need to use a frontend ... (like the Nesica Arcade FrontEnd) I dont think so, all my games work, the frontend works, unfortunately I have a strange configuration where the Front End continues to run in the background, even when my game is running ...
  10. I managed to get all this working, however the attractmode frontend remains playing in the background ? The game starts but I can hear the sound from the frontend, I assume this is the secret sauce that rocketlauncher does, which is to pause the frontend and resume when a game is finished ? Using your method above is there something I need to do to get the frontend to pause ? In my pclauncher.ini file I'm not using appwait, maybe I need to try it ..
  11. Game Loader All Rh

    I have a Vewlix and run at 1366x768, maybe thats the issue ? It does look like a scaling problem .. I have this issue with Under Defeat + which runs at 1360x768 .. Does this help ?
  12. Ha, I read it the wrong way round, 1 is yes to full screen, 0 is windowed, I had it backwards ...
  13. Anyone got full screen to work ? Also I'm not sure that the buttons map correctly ?
  14. That looks like the Nesica dump, I dont think the Steam version shows Insert Coins ...
  15. Game Loader All Rh

    Thanks for the answer ..