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­čĽ╣´ŞĆCastlevania : The Arcade Playable on PC

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by Video Game Esoterica

Considering it is the 35th anniversary of the Castlevania franchise...what better way to celebrate than to do a massive retrospective on every mainline game ever released from Konami. From the NES 8-bit originals to the Super Nintendo, Sega Genesis, Nintendo 64, PS2, Xbox and beyond! Because Castlevania is retro gaming royalty and it's only fitting we pay it some tribute!

But what about Castlevania: The Arcade? The Konami arcade exclusive arcade game that is rarer than gold? Well...why not!

Patreon Thanks : Seth Peterson, John Thompson, Paul Daniel, Porch, John Anderson, RayceARoni, Kuranghi, Jason Hixon, Alex Tessler,  Jonathan Leung, Martin Donlon, Tom Van Deusen, Barobob, Steve Randall, ahab, K-2, Renaissance 2K, Ivar Wennerholm,  Adrien Sebbane, tobemorecrazy,
Mike Puelinckx, Tony Escobar, H7, Humanoide70, Ben Parfitt, Holger Schmidt, Tim Lehner, matschmonster, Shad Uttam, Dan L, James Mann, Richard Schneider, Coupon Joe, Sunder Raj and Dorfus!

Castlevania: The Arcade is a massive arcade cabinet released in 2009 by Konami that is near to impossible to find. I have a PC PCB that can run it but I've never found the image...until now! And wow...it just runs on Windows 10 with a few tricks. Video Game Preservation for the win! But we need your help as controls are a bit tricky!

But if you ever wondered what it would be like to mix Castlevania from Konami with The House of the Dead from Sega...now you will see :) or you could just go play Vampire Night from Sega on PS2...kinda the same concept except earlier lol

But as far as rare video games are concerned it doesnt get much rarer or more obscure than this! Video game history and video game preservation all rolled up into one delicious Dracula sized bite!

Thanks to my Discord forum members Dremcast and powergyser for helping make this video possible today! Join my discord if you want to help!

Join the discord if you want to help get controls working. Link below! Also youÔÇÖll want to look for ÔÇťCastlevania the arcade (extracted)ÔÇŁ on that archive site and it might not be fully finished by 9 am when this goes live so be patient or join the Discord

Questions? Comments? Just leave them below and I will do my best to answer each and every one of them!


You can follow us at IG : ChicagoGameCollector , or join our Discord Server : https://discord.gg/ufTAfzqZYS


#castlevania #retrogaming #retrogamer #arcade #arcadegames #arcadegaming #arcadegame #pcgamer #pcgaming #dracula #gamedev #gamedevelopment #emulation #emulator


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